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INDC Test Account
an INDC test blog
Blog is a glob, and glob is a blog... a glob is a place where most of it's content will be from other people's tought...
foshi   The Solution ... to the PDSMON.DLL 
Tonny Soeroso
Response.Write("Hello World")
tonny   FirstPost@netindonesia.net 
Agung Primamorista
Security is Everybody's Problem!
Agung Primamorista   Computer Viruses  10 
DeskToppie und Webbie .NET Programmierer
Time is just a read only property of object SpaceTime..
eriawan   Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 Facts: First looks of Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2  30  28  49 
Bobby Zulkarnain's Blog
Personal Technical Consultant
bobby02   Membuat Domain Controller Secara Unattend  
mario tapilouw dot net
excerpts of my dot net experience
mariotapilouw   Visual C# for simulation  
.Text Blog
Another .Text Powered Blog
Gogone'z logbook
asp.Net Learning in beginning
Ragil Turyanto @ INDC Blog
Writing,reading and understanding about things
Ragil Turyanto   ブリジストン フロテク 
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Blog ku
Inilah Blog ku
Agus Edi    
Wirawan Winarto
Microsoft Student Partner
wirawan   WP7 Apps Publishing Available for Indonesia  11  100 
Bite My Bytes
Journey of A Microsoft Student Partner
winarto   Imagine Cup - Algorithm Warm Up Match 
tutang   PINDAH ALAMAT  18  150  21 

INDC Junior

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Blog pertama gw
Handi's Blog
Handi   ValidatorCalloutExtender Bug 
No Code on this area
Workflow Foundation Indonesia Blog
workflowfoundation   Workflow Foundation 
Programming, Auditing, Smiling
Pingky Dezar   Found the new problem; maximum connection pool 
nurasto's .net caffe and resto
We open 24 hours / 7 days for fun
Think when you needed
Geek's Girl
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tenang, senang, sederhana
reyza   Geeks 2016  258  634  47 
Rully Yulian MF
Just an Ordinary Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and Microsoft MVP Visual Basic.NET
yulian   Microsoft Technology Update at Poltek Pos Bandung By MUGI Bandung  62  149 
Erick Kurniawan
"No Pressure, No Diamond !"
Erick Kurniawan   VS 2010 Beta 2 Available on MSDN  33  21  13 
Agusto Xaverius P Sipahutar
Job:Making some bugs and patch
Moss/Wss,C#,Sql Server,WWF,K2.BlackPearl
Motto : Keep Study and study
agusto   Panduan Pengaturan Izin Akun SharePoint 2010  175  11  1,024  85 
Doddy Christiana Saputra
Analyst, Design and Application Developer
doddychs   Mencoba Membuat aplikasi ASP Net 3 Tier dengan C# 
Basirudin Rachman
basir   (500) Internal Server Error on IronPython  31  70  10 
Coding for Fun
Koding Mengkoding Sesuka Hati
Lutfie Royan   Just relaxing… click and see  52  63  46 
Fifth Year: All in London!
adrian   Rethinking Blogging  288  12  415  43 
SQL Geeks Indonesia
explore - brainstorm - share
kiki   SQL Server Indonesia Community Monthly Meeting  129  37  101  22 

Geeks Leads

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Ronald Rajagukguk
A Developer Advisor who travels a lot :)
ronald   First look at Windows 8 Developer Preview  125  306  41 
Narenda Wicaksono
Developer's Advisor Blog
Live in Jakarta
Narenda Wicaksono   Indonesian New MVP - Gorgeous Geeks On Board  125  651  187 
Incoherent Rambling
.Net, coding, architecture and life in general
Jimmy Chandra   I got Windows 8. Goodbye 3rd party virtualization?  168  141  36 
Norman Sasono
Beauty is the first test: there is no permanent place in the world for ugly Mathematics – G.H. Hardy
norman   IT Architect Regional Conference, Hotel Nikko, Jakarta, Dec 9-10, 2009  443  22  824  92 
Risman Adnan
MASM::C::C++::C#::Web Adventurer
Risman Adnan Mattotorang   Dr. Sehat Sutardja Public Lecture at University of Indonesia  365  14  646  732