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Published 07 April 07 10:44 PM | adrian

As most of you knew already, I was awarded MVP for Visual Basic for the cycle of April 2007. It's been quite a while since I used VB, but I would never forgotten my origins. I've started my programming adventure using Basic family, Quick Basic. It's so easy yet so powerful I've made my own PIM with it (of course, it's console, but it has colors - thanks to QB).

Earlier today, my MVP Award Kit arrives. For a fresh grad like me, the contents are always welcome. I'm sure I can use the (pen + laser pointer + stylus) over my day-to-day activities, business card holder for connections, sticky notes for, well, notes, and a flash drive for files. Believe it or not, this is my first flash drive (I've been spoiled with Internet based file storage for years).

But the big thing is not the gifts but the chance to work with the company that shapes the world. Imagine proposing a feature that finally made it to the RTM and being used all over the world. That's something you can't have with companies with maybe better products, like Apple or Google for example.

I'm also retiring the Life of A Student Ambassador tag and replacing it with Life of An MVP. :D

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