My Windows Vista Ultimate Trial Is Finally Over

Published 19 May 07 11:00 AM | adrian

Well, since last March, I've been using a "beefed-up" trial version of Windows Vista Ultimate. It's 30-day plus-plus until today.

Fortunately, MSDN Subcscription account from my MVP award arrived earlier this month, so I can test drive the key immediately.

Activation is a breeze (provided that you have an Internet connection ready), but little glitch remains. On the lower right corner of my desktop is a message telling that "This copy of Windows is not genuine." even after activation. This message was left out, and (hopefully) will be gone after restart.

Oh, and I'm getting a Zune next week (shipment from UK is delayed again until next weekend). Maybe we'll start a community for Zune here (although it's not officially sold outside US, yet).

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