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  • Recovering from the Broken Heart ups I mean Blogs

    Just like a heart, blogs can be ruined… all the last two months post is gone Thanks for tools like Windows Live Writer or Word 2007; I can revive some of my post… Although the bad story is not all posted recovered, at least this blog live and kicking Happy blogging again, PS: Thanks to Gulver team to...
    Posted to Ridi Ferdiana (Weblog) by ridi on 09-22-2008
  • MVP Award :)

    Dear Ridi Ferdiana, Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2008 Microsoft® MVP Award! The MVP Award is our way of saying thank you for promoting the spirit of community and enhancing people’s lives and the industry’s success every day. Your extraordinary efforts in Visual Developer ...
    Posted to Ridi Ferdiana (Weblog) by ridi on 01-02-2008
  • Error Prone Web Applications

    Today i'm crazy.... In the morning i opened my msn group and got this following message Before lunch i opened my msdn subscriptions and got this And now i opened my browser and i got this result Hurray
    Posted to Ridi Ferdiana (Weblog) by ridi on 10-29-2007
  • Farewell and Good Luck to "Steve" Microsoft Student Ambassador for the new role and his position

    This friday when I search about "Windows Live API" in Microsoft Innovation Center Lab, I am visited by one of my friend "Christian Stevanus". He is just like me a former student ambassador..but now he become one of an employee that work in a big telecomunication company. Wow.. Great...
    Posted to Ridi Ferdiana (Weblog) by ridi on 03-09-2007
  • Libur Telah Tiba Libur Telah Tiba

    Libur niy, rencananya mo install ulang PC kayaknya udah kepenuhan Package guidance and Component, kayaknya ide bagus reconfigure Vista..ups..bakalan sibuk niy nginstall ulang.. Met Liburan all INDC member J
    Posted to Ridi Ferdiana (Weblog) by ridi on 12-25-2006
  • Developer Song...

    INTRO The customer : "This won't work. find me another." The owner : "Don't have time? then stay up all night tonight. You couldn't finish this thing by now! then, what are we supposed to do?" The boss : "This is too mediiocre, we need something different here, something more interesting and more hip...
    Posted to Ridi Ferdiana (Weblog) by ridi on 09-01-2006
  • Comeback...into Blogs..after two months

    For more than two months, i did'nt have time to blogging because of my thesis and a lovely event in Yogyakarta called Bina ISV. Thanks god now i have spare time to blog from now.
    Posted to Ridi Ferdiana (Weblog) by ridi on 08-31-2006
  • Turut Berduka...

    Turut berduka atas gempa yang terjadi di Yogyakarta dan sekitarnya, Ridi sebagai bagian dari keluarga INDC dan Groupleader INDC mengungkapkan duka sedalam-dalamnya bagi rekan-rekan lain yang tertimpa musibah akibat gempa di Yogyakarta. Info mengenai keadaan di Yogyakarta di http://www.ridilabs.net
    Posted to Ridi Ferdiana (Weblog) by ridi on 05-30-2006
  • Merapi and .NET Frameworks (joke)

    Seorang developer yang tinggal di dekat merapi diwawancara oleh salah satu televisi. Sangat disayangkan developer tersebut sedang stress sehingga hasil wawancaranya adalah sebagai berikut W :wartawan D : Developer W: Tampaknya awan panas merapi yang digenal wedus gembel akan berubah arah ke arah Yogyakarta...
    Posted to Ridi Ferdiana (Weblog) by ridi on 05-24-2006
  • 'Ngelantur' Ridi vs. Ridi

    It's 23:22 PM I'm very sleepy in front of my Virtual PC 2004 Build 582 running Visual Web Developer Express edition and doing some code, dun no why my mind divided into two person that is like me Rid-X Rid-Y still thinking IT and some idealism Rid-X : Hey what are you doing in this night still coding...
    Posted to Ridi Ferdiana (Weblog) by ridi on 01-20-2006
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