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  • Scrum Joke Chuck Norris and Scrum

    LOL... I was perusing my agile DL and stumbled upon this funny scrum joke about Chuck Norris and Scrum: http://blog.shino.de/2010/02/20/scrum-norris/ Warning... you probably won't find this too funny if you don't understand what Scrum is... so... :) otherwise, enjoy.
    Posted to Incoherent Rambling (Weblog) by Jimmy Chandra on 04-28-2010
  • A SQL Query Joke

    Waktu nonton screencast tentang what’s new in Entity Framework 4, sambil nunggu coding selesai salah satu pembicaranya nge-joke tentang SQL Query: “ A SQL query walks into a bar and sees two tables. He walks up to them and says 'Can I join you?' ” Ngerti kan? :)) Why so serious lah bro? Disclaimer...
    Posted to Andri Yadi (Weblog) by andriyadi on 04-25-2010
  • Software Archichets are like condoms

    Maybe this can be engligthment.
    Posted to Continually Code (Weblog) by dede on 03-12-2010
  • GodMode

    Lagi ramai soal GodMode (kaya game mode) di Win7. Dan ini adalah 'shot cut' dari windows shell dan sudah ada dari windows-windows sebelumnya. Tapi it is fun. :) Kalau di msdn bisa di cari GodMode-GodMode lainnya. Canonical Names of Control Panel Items
    Posted to Continually Code (Weblog) by dede on 01-07-2010
  • 090909

    What will happen today, Sept 09, 2009 or 090909? Some people believe that it has something to with the end of time and also Satan number. 999 is the upside-down number of “The Beast” Satan number, 666. September 9, 2009, is the 252nd day of the year, 252 adds to 9, and 09-09-09 = 27 . 09-09-09 is also...
    Posted to Andri Yadi (Weblog) by andriyadi on 09-09-2009
  • 128 Virtual Processors

    sepertinya os windows-nya yang harus 64bit, dan windows 7 support sampai 256 processor. .Net 4.0, sekarang ini hanya support 64 processors saja. Untuk lebih dari itu masih harus menggunakan API baru di windows7. Mungkin di RTM-nya sudah support full (256 processors). :)
    Posted to Continually Code (Weblog) by dede on 07-29-2009
  • Musing About Generic Inheritance (Class Person : EntityBase<Person>).. What?

    Was strolling around StackOverflow and came to a question #1118232. Where this guy was asking how come you can create a class inheriting from another generic class like so: class Person : EntityBase<Person> { //Whatever here... } He said it’s like the chicken and egg problem :) Which I sort of...
    Posted to Incoherent Rambling (Weblog) by Jimmy Chandra on 07-13-2009
  • if (you is CSharpDeveloper) Read(this) //Hidden Features of C#

    public class CallToAction { abstract class CSharpDeveloper { } class You : CSharpDeveloper { } string ReadTheContentOf(System.Uri url) { return string .Empty; } System.Uri URL = new System.Uri( " http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9033/hidden-features-of-c " ); public CallToAction() { var you...
    Posted to Incoherent Rambling (Weblog) by Jimmy Chandra on 07-02-2009
  • Catatan Belajar Sore Ini

    March 31, 2009 Button_FunViewController.h #import <UIKit/UIKit.h> @interface Button_FunViewController : UIViewController { IBOutlet UILabel *statusText; } @property (retain, nonatomic) UILabel *statusText; - (IBAction)buttonPressed:(id)sender; @end Button_FunViewController.m #import "Button_FunViewController...
    Posted to Andri Yadi (Weblog) by andriyadi on 03-31-2009
  • Pie Menu on Firefox

    Pada Windows 7, kita di perkenalkan oleh 'Pie Menu' sebagai pengganti klik-kanan. Maka mulai banyak 'pengikut' yang menelurkan menu seperti ini. Pie Menu sudah banyak di khayalkan oleh banyak Designer, dan ada sudah banyak implementasi dari menu model ini. Menu Pie sudah ada di web(dengan...
    Posted to Continually Code (Weblog) by dede on 01-10-2009
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