Vee6.Org Launches!!!

Published 07 December 06 11:45 PM | adrian
Earlier today, I've put up the first article on Vee6.Org, the Indonesian IPv6 Community, thus marking it the launch of the community. The article was about general overview about IPv6, technical and business perspectives, and where the community is going to.

(if you notice that this launch is a day late from the promised, it's because I had a spotty Internet connection yesterday)

Currently, this community is officially open to several specific groups where you can find IPv6 early-adopters. The opening to the public will be on early 2007, hopefully Jan 1. If you're interested in sharing about IPv6 to the Indonesian community, please send it to We'll publish it as soon as possible. And yes, the author keeps all the copyright.

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# NgeBlogDong!@INDC said on December 21, 2006 11:36 PM:

OK, this date a year ago, was the first birthday . This date, two years ago, I've started to blog