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Uninstalling GAT GAX, WCSF

Uninstalling GAX/GAT Failed

Download and run the msicuu2.exe, remove the gax and gat.
Download the GaxTroubleshooter.exe run it
When you run the GAT installer again and it still say that can not install previous gax is still installed, remove the entry in registry which still left over

Installing Ent lib may 2007 , error 1001
error 1001 the project factory csharp is not registered.
I uninstalled the visual studio 2005. then it disappeard but lead to another error
L sigh. I tried to change the msi targetting on 9.0 using orca msi.but can not
The solution is simple Install again visual studio 2005 cause the may 2007 still targeting 2005.

When you click new project and go to webclient software factory noticed that if You have More than 4 Templates there, all scattered in one place more than 4. Try uninstalling the gax , gat and then webclientsoftware factory and then install gax, gat and webclientsoftwarefactory again.
That should solved it
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after down for 3 days , all the blog that revive is till mid august..

i can't remember what i;ve posted.annoying.

i'll look for another blogs Host.

Hrrrgh , virtu what?


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