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How to Use Asp.net routing Outside of MVC

asp.net 3.5 has already supported routing.

if you need great flexibility on how your url should pass to a handler

use Routing.

Url rewriting intercept when beginrequest, so early in the morning.

but routing is on resolve cache.




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Could not load type 'microsoft.teamfoundation.workitemtracking.client.workitemtypedeniedornotexistexception'

When you double click the all task in teamexplorer, pop up above error

Reinstalling VSTS SP1 does solve the problem

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How To Use Fiddler with Mobile Device Emulator

  • Add Proxy Server on Setting->add Proxy Server->enter the name ppp_peer ,make sure http server ppp_peer:8888
  • On Your Windows Mobile Device Center(for Vista/windows 2008) or Activesync(xp) click connection setting on allow coonections to one of the following -> select DMA
  • On your device Emulator select your emulator-> righclick Choose Cradle
  • as you can see you are now connected to mobiledevicecenter
  • Run your fiddler
  • From your browser click your ipaddress computer or what ever url you want to test
  • It should appear now on Fiddler
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How to Add/Register Custom Handler IIS7

  •  Create your generic handler
  •  Compiled into DLL
  •  Put the DLL on your web application root ->bin folder
  •  Put your source code on app_code
  •  Register it on Web.config
<add name="whateveriputithere" verb="*" path="*.something" type="[namescpace.classname],[YourCompiledAssemblyName.dll]" ResourceType="Unspecified">
Note : 
ResourceType equals to iis6 verfy file exist option
"Unspecified" means unchecked
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