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Church Web Site for charity

Actually this GKBJ has planned to have a website long time a go. And between could not find a person to do it or don't know how or want to have their own people to make it because of budget. All of those make their website development stagnant

But here I am after I see their Previous Web Site. Gosh what the hell is this? And I feel that this month God did do some miracle in my bad situation. I decided to do it for free, it only take one to two days.

So I choose some template from, since there is no designer, and would like to have a result as quickly as possible. Now also for that reason at first I avoid to build CMS. On this scenario, they only change event and news and the pastoral speech.

So at first I think make a Blog for them, and this website would consume the Rss of that blog. there are 4 or 5 Type of  Services to consume this rss without even writing my own server side scripting. like rsstohtml services, then I found Google rss services. Nice and I already received it as object in my JS. I choose free silver light component for media gallery. there’s Google map , face book badge etc. I also used jquery , for the calendar. the web site still have a lot things to be optimized but for later on.

Well now I change my mind and will build CMS for them if I’ve got the time and if the website already hosted.

About Hosting

I do look at, free version. and also free version directly give us sub domain and limited edition but works like a charm. But I will host this web on erudeye eventually for the reason of support and the location is in Indonesia. Let’s wait for the church budget, I know it’s cheap already but hey let’s wait for free one. I also consider building my own web.

Anyway this gkbj project is still iteration 1.and you can see preview


It's on brinkster free developer package.

the gallery is not there because it’s still free edition hosting. It's already running on my VSTS.

If your church has this kind of scenario. Please contact me and see if I’ve time to do it. God Bless.

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PNG image and Response.Output Stream

Me and my team have got some trouble why the image does not cache and appearing when we use httplistener as intermediary, while the cache header is already added.

The reason is not because cache or something wrong in your code, but it's because PNG handle differently.

and when you are outputing through stream ,Their encoder requires a bi-directional stream.

So put the Bitmap image on memory stream first , then You write to your Response.OutputStream

It works like a charm.

Details Below


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Silverlight Slide.Show

I've been looking for a silverlight project that can do a slide show and configureable. 

I want it to be able to show Either Jpeg and movie like WMV , i will use it to browse to a media gallery of a church website

i look at a few sample project on silverlight gallery.

And found a great one Slide.Show and it's hosted on code plex,meaning it's free :).

First if i follow the quick start guide and use the release one it does not run. i don't know what i miss out there.

But if i see the screencast, i see that we should take a look at the sample  on the Source code.

So i do it again, take a break. have some meal. and after see and do exactly like the sample. it does work,like a charm.

But one flaw is you must set every thing on XML the link, the physical path, the thumbnail to the data.

Then this gonna be a XML changing if i want to make the CMS or upload new one.

Anyway this is great one check it out.

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WebUITest Cross Browser

i think we are entering a nice topic here.actually the idea is not coming from me, but the creator told me that i can blog the logical step .

if you see from watin it only support IE and firefox, i do like the idea of it. but how about other browser?. the solution that being presented here is still not the best but can work.

  • Create your UI Test JS, you can call what ever function you want here , initiate object. this will be your scenario test,set the message error here with another js wrapper for a must have xmlhttprequest object, set window.onload to this uitestjs function
  • Create a wrapper so the user can use our ui test easily, choosing which browser to initiate and also can initiate the Device Emulator for Mobile Support and also can set a property of which path to take the uitestjs
  • Launch a HTTPListener in 2 address one is for your Combined Page Test and the other one is for Accepting your Sending Result
  • Now read your ui test js and also the musthave xmlrequest testresult sender object Combined them in your page insert it on your page body , there you have a combined Test Page
  • Lauch your Browser Exe or Device Emulator for Mobile opening the Httplistener address, for combinedtestpage url.
  • Getthecontext of request or post. xmlhttprequest will always post on the body.
  • There you have the result sending back to you and also the message
  • do an assert here.
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