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Facebox Stays Under Flash

No matter what you do.. set the zindex.. it won't change the Flash is always on top of facebox. if you set wmmode=transparent on somecases , you can't see the flash. Solution add param to your Flash wmmode = block
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Child Calling Parent Method/ Iframe Reload from child

This is the example, when a child wanna call it's parent.

including A child page of iframe wanna Adjust the IFrame parent Height and width

The trick is simple access your iframe method from parent.yourmethod();

depends on the hierarcy it can be parent.parent.n...



function ChildResizeIframe(height) { 
try { 
} catch (e) {
window.onload = function() 


function ParentResizeIframe(height) { 
//do something with iframe, or other element 

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Detecting Mobile Device and Search Engine Crawler Bots

   1:   //Check if Google Bot/Crawler
   2:          //or IS a Crawler 
   3:          //Give full version web
   4:          System.Web.HttpBrowserCapabilities myBrowserCaps = Request.Browser;
   5:          bool crawler =myBrowserCaps.Crawler;
   7:          if(Request.Browser.IsMobileDevice && !crawler)
   8:          Response.Redirect("MyMobile.aspx");

Note myBrowserCaps.Crawler

Works againts Google Bots 2.1,MSN Bot 1.1.

But not working for Yahoo Slurp.

The idea is if A crawler on our site, we give them full site  so that Goggle/Other search engine does not put our web application as mobile application

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GridView Paging with ObjectDataSource

Ok I wanna Blog about this.

I read on MSDN, Among the other Datasource, Like sql datasource , etc.

The only Data Source that can call by Page is Object Data Source. So it will not Take All Rows First Than do a Paging. Which is not efficient.

In order The Object Data Source to work with your Grid Request.

You need To : EnablePaging = True. If false it will Not Passed the startrowindex and MaximumRowsParameter.

Supply At Least

  • StartRowIndexName if the name is different than ‘startrowindex
  • MaximumRowsParameter if it’s different than default.
  • TypeName , Your class Type with Namespace if necessary. it is where object data source will look for your select method, and all other operation method stuff
  • SelectCountMethod, the method name in your TypeName that is used for counting total rows of the query
  • SelectMethod, The method That is used for selecting rows. Here is where the startrowindex and maximumrowsparameter WIll Goes to.
  • SortParameterName, If you want to support sorting , This is The name of param on selectMethod .object datasource will passed the gridview SortExpression property automatically

On your GridView, set the PageSize, this will effect the maximumrowsparameter

Example of SelectMethod

   2:          /// <summary>
   3:          /// This returns a list of students based on paging.
   4:          /// </summary>
   5:          /// <param name="sortExpression">SortExpression,CustomFormat:[columname][asc/desc]</param>
   6:          /// <param name="startRowIndex">The starting Row from object data Source</param>
   7:          /// <param name="pageSize">The Size of Row, 5 in this case</param>
   8:          /// <returns></returns>
   9:          [DataObjectMethod(DataObjectMethodType.Select)]
  10:          public static List<Student> GetStudents(string sortExpression, int startRowIndex, int pageSize)
  11:          {
  12:              if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(sortBLOCKED EXPRESSION sortExpression = "IDDesc";
  13:              startRowIndex++;
  14:              int pagenumber = startRowIndex/pageSize;
  15:              pagenumber++;
  16:              var students = new List<Student>();
  17:              var parameters = new SqlParameter[4];
  18:              var param = new SqlParameter("PageNumber", SqlDbType.Int);
  19:              param.Value = pagenumber;
  20:              parameters[0] = param;
  22:              param = new SqlParameter("PageSize", SqlDbType.Int);
  23:              param.Value = pageSize;
  24:              parameters[1] = param;
  26:              var howManyRowsReturnedParam = new SqlParameter("@HowManyRows", SqlDbType.Int);
  27:              howManyRowsReturnedParam.Direction = ParameterDirection.Output;
  28:              howManyRowsReturnedParam.Value = "";
  29:              parameters[2] = howManyRowsReturnedParam;
  31:              param = new SqlParameter("orderby", SqlDbType.VarChar);
  32:              param.Value = sortExpression;
  33:              parameters[3] = param;
  36:              using (
  37:                  SqlDataReader dr = SqlHelper.ExecuteReader(Connections.Conn1, "GetStudent", CommandType.StoredProcedure,
  38:                                                             parameters))
  39:              {
  40:                  while (dr.Read())
  41:                  {
  42:                      var s = new Student();
  43:                      s.ID = int.Parse(dr["ID"].ToString());
  44:                      s.Name = dr["Name"].ToString();
  45:                      s.City = dr["City"].ToString();
  46:                      s.State = dr["State"].ToString();
  47:                      s.Phone = dr["Phone"].ToString();
  48:                      s.Email = dr["Email"].ToString();
  49:                      s.CreatedOn = DateTime.Parse(dr["CreatedOn"].ToString());
  51:                      students.Add(s);
  52:                  }
  53:              }
  54:              return students;
  55:          }
  56:      }

There are also Trick on your Store procedure for Dynamic Sorting, Like this:

   1:  ROW_NUMBER( ) over (order BY 
   2:              case 
   3:              when @orderby='IDAsc' then [ID] END ASC,
   4:              case 
   5:              when @orderby='IDDesc' then ID END DESC,
   6:              case 
   7:              when @orderby='NameAsc' then [NAME] END ASC,
   8:              case 
   9:              when @orderby='NameDesc' then [NAME] END DESC,
  10:              case
  11:              when @orderby='CityAsc' then City END ASC,

So in order to make this custom Ascending / Descending work i need to put the custom sorting expression on variable

 protected void gvStudent_sorting(object sender, GridViewSortEventArgs e)
            string sortDirection = e.SortDirection == SortDirection.Descending ? "Desc" : "Asc";
            SortBy = e.SortExpression + sortDirection;

Now this is also important,  The Object Data Source will Call your Select Method Twice because of it’s own Cache Logic internal. so the first one will be like always requesting for first page. and the second call will be the correct StartRowindex. So it is used for Object Data Source Internal Checking. there’s nothing wrong with it

The object Data Source have a important Method Like Selecting. ODS will called this selecting twice , 1st call Is To Fetch Data, 2nd Is for Gettting The Total Count Method(return integer)

I passed in my Custom Sorting Expression Variable Value Here.

   1:    private void StudentDataSource_Selecting(object sender, ObjectDataSourceSelectingEventArgs e)
   2:          {
   3:              //fecthdata
   4:              if (!e.ExecutingSelectCount)
   5:              {
   6:                  //make custom expression param
   7:                  if (SortBy.Length > 0)
   8:                  {
   9:                      e.Arguments.SortExpression = SortBy;
  10:                  }
  11:              }
  12:          }

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Object Reference Not Set After Copying Mobile.browser

Why am I getting "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."?
If after copying the .browser file into your AppBrowsers folder you get a compile error “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” and you have .NET 3.5 SP1, then the issue is likely that you must create a sub-directory (of any name) in your AppBrowsers folder and place the .browser file in there. E.G. \App_Browsers\MobileBrowserData\mobile.browser

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Service Application Unavailable IIS7

There are many things that cause this. read here For more detail and accurate step.a

Check Security, already There.

See the Log of IIS on C:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles\W3SVC1, the request return http error code 500. Not much Help

Do a ‘appcmd list appppools’


Nothing wrong on the application pool. No Crash

See the Event Viewer –> Application.

There’s a Information:

A request mapped to aspnet_isapi.dll was made within an application pool running in Integrated .NET mode.  Aspnet_isapi.dll can only be used when running in Classic .NET mode.  Please either specify preCondition="ISAPImode" on the handler mapping to make it run only in application pools running in Classic .NET mode, or move the application to another

Aha, my application still calling the old Way Isapi.

Change the ApplicationPool Mode to Classic


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TSQL How To Synchronize Between 2 Tables

This query work to find out any difference between 2 tables and return Only The Difference Row, Or Not There Row.

if the union all Group Count return 2 meaning it’s the same ,if 1 Than there’s difference. You can put on temporary table

SELECT MIN(tableName),Column1,Column2 .. N
    SELECT 'Table 1' AS tableName,Column1,Column2 .. N
    SELECT 'Table 2' AS tableName,Column1,Column2 .. N
    GROUP BY Column1,Column2 ..N
    --1 means have difference, 2 means identical
    ORDER BY Column1,Column2 ..N

After That , Do your Insert Update Delete Logic From The Results.

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System.InvalidCastException: [A]System.Collections.Generic.List`1[VideoDistribution+mediaData] cannot be cast to [B]System.Collections.Generic.List`1[VideoDistribution+mediaData]. Type A originates from 'mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKe


i’ve got this strange error on my handler. if i set isreuseable to false The error getting obvious. Like they are on differen process and different type. So finally found out that i make a protected class on my handler. Move The class to the APP_Code and that should solve this

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