November 2011 - Posts

CRM 2011 Improvement

CRM 2011 has 500 bug fixes from the latest CRM 4.0.

if you see that it took Microsoft 3 years to really released this 2011 version, than you know that there are major improvements

  • Interface
  • Connections
  • Custom Activities
  • Recurring Events
  • Goals and Goal Management
  • Processes
  • Auditing
  • Team Record Ownership
  • Field-Level Security
  • Improved Outlook Integration
  • Dynamic Marketing Lists
  • Data Management
  • Solution Management
  • Mobility
  • Web Resources and Azure Integration
  • SharePoint Integration
  • Dynamics Marketplace
  • Azure Extension
  • New Plugin Architecture

I’m going to drill down each of this in subsequent posts

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Oracle ODP.NET

Oracle has shifted it’s Newest oracle 11g to a new DLL, and it’s using the efficiency from and other stuff.

Despite like that it has lack support in Enterprise Library, and you might want to define new database by your self or just use direct oracle client.

The previous one will work for Oracle 9-10g. and for 11 , you have to use this ODP.NET. One main problem that I encounter is the lack of deployment support.

if you want to deploy your application , you have to install oracle client on client computer. that is about 233 MB or more. and that is huge.

Oracle has this XCOPY which meant to be , you just copy your dll to someplace and it should run, but it’s not.

there are lot’s of setting and error on this oracle environment thing

so although you already did what they told us to , Detail 

still no luck, Try this and that a lot (copy folder,env variable,c++ runtime).
I get Oracle Exception "The provider is not compatible with the version of Oracle client".
It's because also have not so good Error message, everything that goes wrong will pop up this message.
have look on the related forum also.
So what I did for last try is to install the ODTwithODAC112021 32 Bit version.
I select the Client one.set it to c:\app .
Download Here
it works

Again what a hassle it is.

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