Living in a Laboratory called Smart Home

When you`re doing a research on something, it is usual to spend lots of times in your labs, or even sometimes sleeps in labs. Wheter its good or not it depends on your campus point of views, but somewhere outthere in England there are a lab in which the students are recommended to live in it, the students are mainly study about smart home, enviroment, or art. Each of them live in a room inside the house which they called “Smart Home” while trying the topics which they researched.

I think the result of it will be great, since they were testing and created it and also living with it, that way, they know about the pro and cons of their own research , well of course they can also put their research in their friends room to ask for a feedback. Usually from a research to be used as a product took a long way of testing, and conforming to standards of health and safety, but the “Smart Home” enviroment accelarate the research into a product in a short time. It is one of the benefit of doing research in a smart home instead of laboratory, since we live with it any kind of problem could be taken care quicly

Here is the link to the smart home website :

Actually this concept could be used for IT, we test, created, and living with the software that we made. But it rarely happens mostly because the software we make is not to be used by us. So I think the feedback by people who lives with the software we make is important, the faster the feed back came and taken care of, the better the software we made. I think A software which is build without a feedback by user will most likely vanished in a short time.

Its just a thought though


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Published Wednesday, August 29, 2007 9:45 AM by De_Joker
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