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Finally, Hyper-V is coming to Windows client and not just server. For a long time I have to use 3rd party products such as VirtualBox, which is very nice, or VMWare Workstation, etc. to run my 64 bit VMs or dual boot to Windows Server instance to try...

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09-17-2011 16:40. By Jimmy Chandra to Incoherent Rambling


Setelah lama tidak blogging karena baru pindah lapak ke negeri tetangga, akhirnya hari ini gw memutuskan untuk menginstall Windows Live Writer dan mulai ngeblog lagi. Kemudian yang akan jadi topik blog kali ini adalah topik yang sekarang sedang cukup...

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09-14-2011 21:32. By ronald to Ronald Rajagukguk


I was mentioned about him long time back, finally he will come for a public lecture event at University of Indonesia. Marvell is a world leader in the development of storage, communications, and consumer silicon solutions. Marvell's diverse product...

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06-14-2011 0:11. By Risman Adnan Mattotorang to Risman Adnan


I am delighted to announce the appointment of Darmawan Suandi to the position of IT Pro Evangelist at Microsoft Indonesia. Darmawan is joining Microsoft from Astra International where in the last one year he has worked as Application Integration Architect...

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04-04-2011 6:08. By Risman Adnan Mattotorang to Risman Adnan


  The Problem While playing around with SharePoint web service from Silverlight out of browser, I bumped into web service proxy limitation where I am forced to authenticate no matter what I pass to the ClientCredential.UserName property of the web...

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03-23-2011 0:08. By Jimmy Chandra to Incoherent Rambling


While playing around with SharePoint 2010, I want to add a link to my site home page that will do the same thing when I am in a particular document / form library and click the Add Document link. In other word, how can I launch Word or Excel or InfoPath...

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03-17-2011 0:54. By Jimmy Chandra to Incoherent Rambling


Just want to link to Scott Hanselmann's blog post on Site Pinning and the cool things that you can do with it. I think it's the coolest feature in IE9... graphic hardware acceleration, canvas support, improved javascript speed... PHHBTTT... seen...

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03-15-2011 18:22. By Jimmy Chandra to Incoherent Rambling


In my daily work, I am doing a lot of prototyping, testing, etc. And for this, I lean heavily on virtualization to isolate my workstation versus the prototyping / testing environment and for its ability to quickly rollback to previous snapshot. Currently...

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03-10-2011 23:27. By Jimmy Chandra to Incoherent Rambling


There are/were 2 things that bug me as an Indonesian in regard to Windows Phone 7. From Indonesian consumer point of view... The ability to purchase application in Marketplace is basically non existant if you don't have the right credit card. What...

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03-09-2011 20:30. By Jimmy Chandra to Incoherent Rambling


Well, maybe not the best, but it comes very close to it. For sure, it's the FUNNEST time you can have while trying to understand jQuery internal and at the same time learn about some exotic things about JavaScript and browser DOM. What I am talking...

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03-07-2011 16:33. By Jimmy Chandra to Incoherent Rambling


As you might already know, there are 3 general types of cloud offerings out there. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Platform as a Service (PaaS) Software as a Service (SaaS) Each gives you a different level of control and benefits. I won't bother...

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02-25-2011 23:07. By Jimmy Chandra to Incoherent Rambling


A client of mine was having a problem trying to automate Excel to print to a specific (non default) printer. They know which printer they want to use, but are having trouble trying to get Excel to understand it. Excel’s Application.ActivePrinter property...

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02-25-2011 22:38. By Jimmy Chandra to Incoherent Rambling


I was perusing stackoverflow.com questions and came upon a question regarding JavaScriptSerializer that I found quite interesting. I decided to do a quick spike in Visual Studio to find out if I can get answer for the question. Fired up Visual Studio...

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02-17-2011 23:42. By Jimmy Chandra to Incoherent Rambling


Finally, after a very intensive planning, I proudly announce the first cloud computing focus technology institute in Indonesia. This is an important milestone to land cloud computing, especially on Microsoft platform. ITPN – Institute of Technology Purwadhika...

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02-10-2011 3:06. By Risman Adnan Mattotorang to Risman Adnan


In many years, I have seen how IT startups created without good business model. This is a very common issue as many of those startups founders are coming from very technical background and having lack of interests in business architecture. Some of them...

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02-02-2011 17:14. By Risman Adnan Mattotorang to Risman Adnan

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