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F# 1.9.4 now Available

mau ikutan numpang nampang di disain baru geeks ah.. hi..hi..hi

kali ini sambil ikutan kasih kabar bagi yang tertarik dan dengan F# (yang sudah mengikuti mah gak perlu di kasih tahu :) ). kini F# 1.9.4 telah dirilis. tepatnya tanggal 3 mei kemarin. nah saya copas saja ya release notenya (maunya kan cuman numpang nampang di disain geeks yang baru, jadi ya copas doang. :P ):



  • Symmetric Operator Overloading
  • Additional nullness checking
  • 'base' variables must now be called 'base'.
  • Intrinsic members take predence over extension members
  • Generic Equality now uses Object.Equals
  • Downcasting For Interface Types
  • Handle Optional Aruments Correctly when using a method as a first class function value
  • Change .[] overload resolution behaviour
  • Deprecate the Unicode symbols in the language
  • Sealed attribute
  • AbstractClass attribute
  • typeof may be used in attributes, deprecate (type ...) syntax
  • Decimal support
  • Supply Named and Optional Aruments to COM methods
  • Allow construction of delegates taking byref arguments


  • fold_left performance improvements
  • Not_found now maps to KeyNotFoundException not IndexOutOfRangeException.
  • Addition of the 'enum' overloaded function.
  • Deprecate the Enum.to_int and Enum.of_int functions.
  • Access control checking for modules and types implemented
  • Deprecate the use of string.CompareTo in favour of System.String.CompareTo
  • Deprecate the IEnumerable module in favour of Seq
  • Deprecate the CompatArray and CompatMatrix modules when used with .NET 2.0
  • Deprecate the truncate OCaml-compatibility function
  • Make 'lock' function safer: may now only take reference types


  • Counter Examples from Incomplete Pattern Matches
  • Implement redundancy checking for isinst patterns
  • Many Improved Error Messages
  • Ctrl-C now copies, Ctrl-. used for Interrupt in F# Interactive in Visual Studio.
  • Right-click menus supported in F# Interactive in Visual Studio

relese notes yang saya kutip tersebut di ambil disini

terus download F# 1.9.4 nya disini (MSI) atau sini

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