Open positions in Microsoft Indonesia for SQL Server Master

Published 21 October 09 02:47 AM | norman

Microsoft Indonesia is inviting all "Database Guru" who's interested to any of these two positions to submit theire resume:

  • SQL Server Consultant
  • Technology Solutions Professional - Data Platform

From my view, SQL Server Consultant would be the one with hardcore technical works - i.e. you will work in projects in customers to design & deliver Database solutions. While the TSP-Data Platform requires no less technical skills, but it is more of a PreSales Engineering role - where you'll be involved in solutioning, POCs, and support the Account Management Team.

Interested? Take this opportunity to prove your SQL Server & Database skills! Smile

As the link I provided was broken, I just put the details here:

SQL Server Consultant

 Ready to focus on being the expert with a single product, technology, or solution space in complex environments? Want to product knowledge to customer business solutions that impact to the bottom line of the company? Interested in leveraging your technical skills to create innovative customer solutions? Are you interested in having first-hand knowledge of the roadmaps for the broadest and most innovative technology stack available in today and tomorrow’s marketplace?

Microsoft Services help customers realize their full potential through accelerated adoption and productive use of Microsoft technologies. We are a global team of exceptional people who deliver world class services with partners, earning customer confidence, trust, and loyalty by Improving the overall Customer and Partner Experience, Serving as the customer advocates within Microsoft and Driving customer-centric product improvement.

The Consultant in Enterprise Services delivers technical solutions to customers allowing them to maximize their investment in Microsoft technology. Building upon solid IT project experience relative to their level, these consultants will work with Microsoft's partners to assist customers in:
• The delivery of high quality engagements around Microsoft's solution areas, technologies and products in diverse client environments.
•  Stabilizing developed solutions using Microsoft methodologies in complex customer environments.
• The design and development of integrated solutions using the latest Microsoft products and technologies.
• Understanding the relevant application development, infrastructure and operations implications of the developed solution.

 Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Analytical Problem Solving
Building Customer/Partner Relationships
Cross-Boundary Collaboration
Impact and Influence
Interpersonal Awareness
Services Project Management
Strategic Insight
Product & Technology Expertise
Value Selling
Dealing with ambiguity

Training and Certifications
§ Must have a degree in Computer Science or Engineering, or equivalent work experience. 
§ At least 3 - 5 years related IT experience. 
§ Work experience should involve technical consulting, development, and deployment
§ Must have a proven record of delivering business value. 
Role Specific Characteristics May Include
§ Candidates must have a deep understanding of markets, customers, and technology; have the background to provide leadership in the practice and a demonstrated effectiveness in consulting and client management.
§ Candidates must have deep understanding of customer and partner business and IT environment, and have demonstrated skills creating architecture and deploying technology to solve business problems.
§ Candidates must have industry leading depth knowledge of subject area, and have demonstrated analysis and communication skills connecting technology and business problems.

Technical Solutions Professional - Data Platform


The TSP Data Platform role is accountable for product win rates in assigned opportunities. The TSP Data Platform role supports the long-term strategic direction of driving pipeline velocity in the MSSP, within the Solution and Proof phases. To do this, the TSP Data Platform role focuses on successful execution of technical engagements


· Strategically decides which partner best supports its product workload and partner enablement programs for the selected core set of partners.
· contributes to account planning activities (e.g., IT Profiles) and technical engagement/evaluation plans. The TSP Data Platform role may also communicate with Insider Groups, Partner Groups and Marketing Division.
· Selects, enables, engages and sometimes can be brought to bear for partners. Some TSPs work with industry events and marketing organizations.
· Accountable for product win rates in assigned opportunities. supports the long-term strategic direction of driving pipeline velocity in the MSSP, within the Solution and Proof phases.
· Focuses on successful execution of technical engagements. The key challenges in this role are being capable and well-versed across diverse technologies (e.g., IIS, development tools, XML, and Application technologies).


· 5- 8years in related  experience (Sales engineer at a large technology company selling into the enterprise (not necessarily software); IT Consulting or Services company ; IT department at a large industrial company, especially relevant if in targeted industry; Competing software companies)
· Preferably Professional training/certification in:
· Communication skills : able in adjusting the topic and technical sophistication to the audience
· Business skills, per the Executive Conversation training or other initiatives
· Sales and/or Opportunity Management training
· Knowledge of Microsoft's products and of competitive platforms and tools.

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# Wely said on October 21, 2009 12:16 PM:

broken link bos.

# arifin_ts said on October 21, 2009 12:54 PM:

kata "database Guru" nya menggetarkan jiwa man :-ss

# norman said on October 21, 2009 02:14 PM:

@Wely: I just copied the info to his post. :)

@Arifin: Ha..ha.. masa Consultant "murid".

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