Visiting Newmont IT Team, at Batu Hijau, Sumbawa Island

Published 19 November 09 01:37 PM | norman

Last week, Nov 9-11 I went to Batu Hijau, Sumbawa Island to meet one of our customer, Newmont, a Gold & Copper mining company. I met their entire IT team, especially the Dev team. Got myself new great friends, awesome .NET developers.

What is so special about this trip is that Newmont is located in a quite remote place that I can’t go there directly from Jakarta. There’s just no direct flight. Smile

On the 9th I had to spend a night at Sheraton Senggigi, Senggigi Beach, Lombok Island and on the 10th flew to Benete Port, Sumbawa Island with… a ten seater Seaplane! Smile A new experience to me… to flew a small plane, propeller plane that land and take off on top of sea surface (brother Ronny & Brother Edy are on the picture, Sister Anna took the picture – they are from our Enterprise Group). This is when we were about to flew:


In Sumbawa Island, we slept at Sekongkang Beach in Tropical Spa & Resort, a remote hotel that… does not have a phone line! Smile

I flew back to Jakarta on the 11th. Note that in Sumbawa Island Indosat does not exist. So, I was in three days black out. No IM2 Internet, no cell phone as well, and as I said the hotel also has no phone line! Smile

Here are some other pictures from this interesting trip:

- Operational Cars around Newmont area:


- Sekongkang Beach, Sumbawa Island


- Newmont IT Office


- Benete Port


- The site


Fellow Developers in Newmont, C U next time! Let’s rock n’ roll with .NET 4 & VS 2010!

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# krisatria said on November 19, 2009 10:18 PM:

Nice story and experience. Someday, I also want to go there. :D

# agung said on November 20, 2009 02:53 AM:

i've been there a few years ago. :)

Nice island :)

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