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November 2008 - Posts

MVPs, MUGI and MIC ITB at MSDN Day Special Edition

All Indonesian MVP came to MSDN Day Special Edition that we (Microsoft Indonesia, Microsoft Indonesia User Group - MUGI and MIC ITB) created in Bandung. This is the biggest MSDN Day in this year, almost 1000 developers & IT Pros came to this event.

01_msdn-day 02_msdn-day

{Jonah Stephen talked about PDC and what new in Microsoft Technology}

All of MVPs talked in this event. We introduced many of Microsoft Technology in here, such as :

  • Green Computing & Virtualization: An Enterprise Point of View.
  • Windows Presentation Foundation.
  • Hyper-V & SCVMM 2008.
  • Silverlight 2.0.
  • VSTS & TFS 2010: A First Look.
  • Parallel Programming and Multicore System.
  • Internet Explorer 8 for Developers.
  • XNA Games Studio and XBOX Development.
  • Windows Azure: An Overview.
  • Windows Vista Deployment.
  • Microsoft Virtualization 360 degrees – from Desktop to Datacenters.
  • High Performance Computing 2008.
  • SQL Server 2008 Overview.
  • Office Communication Server 2007 R2 Preview.

How about me? I and Rully Yulian delivered about Silverlight 2.0 : Jazz up your Web Application with Silverlight 2.0.

03_msdn-day 04_msdn-day

{I and Rully, talk about using Silverlight 2.0 to build RIA and LOB Application}


{MVPs and MUGI family}

06_msdn-day 07_msdn-day

08_msdn-day 09_msdn-day

{MVP Gathering at The Palm}

Lilian and Canny, where are you? I can see one of you at those pictures. You should here with us :(

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Community Server 2008 Developer's Guide

Community Server ? Tetep...

Bagi yang ingin bermain dengan Community Server 2008 sebagai developer, untuk membuat theme, membuat modul atau yang lainnya maka dapat men-download tulisan sebanyak 220 halaman ini disini.

Ebook ini membahas 6 topik utama yaitu :

{General Topic}

  • Configuring Community Server for Amazon S3
  • Allowing the User to Upload Files Greater than 4Mbytes
  • Changing the Email Address of Emails Originating from Community Server
  • Preventing Community Server from Removing www from a URL
  • Configuring w.bloggar to Work with Community Server
  • Using Content Editors
  • Setting Spam Controls
  • Customizing Footers
  • Displaying Edit Notes to All Users
  • Editing the Ban Reason and Ban Time Period Options
  • Enabling Exception Logs
  • Hiding Tag Clouds
  • Installing Multiple Instances of Windows Service
  • Uninstalling Multiple Instances of Windows Server
  • Migrating Users into a Group
  • Migrating Forums into a Group
  • Rebuilding Indexes
  • Setting Enhanced Editor as Default
  • Setting Up a Virtualized Community Server Instance
  • Troubleshooting Enterprise Indexing
  • Touching the web.config File

{Advaned Themes}

  • Adding a Content Part to a New Page
  • Copying a Theme
  • Creating New Themes
  • Customizing the Look of a Theme Page Based on Its Context
  • Displaying the Author’s Avatar Next to a Post
  • Adding Dynamic Configuration Options
  • Extending User Registration with Sub-Forms
  • Finding the QueryOverride Options for List Control
  • Formatting Dates with Community Server 2.1 in Today/Yesterday Format
  • Rendering the First Item in a List Differently
  • Rendering Polls Outside of Forums
  • Adding New Pages to Themes
  • Using a Solid Background Color for Sidebars


  • Configuring Community Server for a Single-User Blog.
  • Stopping Truncating Posts on Aggregate Body Pages Extensibility


  • Common Code Examples
  • CSModule Overview
  • CSModule Events
  • Writing and Configuring a CSModule
  • Tasks

{Shared Membership}

  • Introduction to Chameleon
  • Chameleon Control Documentation
  • Action Controls Master Pages with Chameleon
  • Condition Controls
  • Form Controls
  • Implicit Databinding
  • Utility Controls
  • List Controls
  • Pager Controls
  • Single Value Controls
  • Sub-Form Controls
  • Using User Controls with Chameleon
  • Writing Blog Posts Outside of the Control Panel
  • Windows LIveWriter Updates
  • Publishing to Your Blog Offline
  • Blog Control Property Data
  • Core Control Property Data
  • File Gallery Control Property Data
  • Forum Control Property Data
  • Chameleon Base Classes

{Yang Menarik}

Community Server 2008 ternyata bisa bekerja sama dengan Amazon Simple Storage Server (S3), ini baru saya tahu dan menarik. Dengan begitu artinya kita dapat mengurangi beban server kita untukmenyimpan file attachment yang sering kita masukkan pada posting blog, forum dan lain-lain. Selain itu Amazon S3 dapat dimafaatkan CS2008 untuk menyimpan avatar dari setiap user. Manfaatnya, nanti saat ada kebutuhan kita untuk mem-backup CS tidak perlu pusing dengan ukuran file yang besar akibat file gambar dan attachment lainnya.

Selamat mencoba dan selamat belajar, semoga bermanfaat.


NB : Kalau sudah belajar, sudah mahir silakan drop email anda ke mic[at]

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