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29 September 2006
Resources Uploading
During this week i will upload resources taken from BinaISV CD Kit, so if u guys still haven't time to join the training, please feel free to join and share the idea there Share this post: | | | | Read More...
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28 September 2006
Trust Assembly in FCL
In my spare time i'm create a component to manage the services in SQL Server .During the development, I'm face the security problem(yeah CAS you know it), Some of my feature especialy based System.Data.Sql FCL need Full trust assembly. We can set the CAS by during deployment (click once config... Read More...
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07 September 2006
Vista Prices in Indonesia?
Microsoft had displayed the prices of Windows Vista in many E-commerce site, including Amazon. Seem the prices is too high isn't it?. Just hoping Microsoft release another version called 'Vista Developer Edition' and the prices will be extremely low (“dreaming“)..btw how about in Indonesia... Read More...
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01 September 2006
Developer Song...
INTRO The customer : "This won't work. find me another." The owner : "Don't have time? then stay up all night tonight. You couldn't finish this thing by now! then, what are we supposed to do?" The boss : "This is too mediiocre, we need something different here, something more interesting and more hip... Read More...
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