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21 November 2007
windows Mobile as a client application development
Last week, i'm invited to speech about Windows Mobile development technology in this occasion i spoke about mobile markets, mobile opportunity, as well as development technology in windows mobile platform. You can download my presentation and hol code here Share this post: | | | | Read More...
19 November 2007
And the RTM VS 2008 will come..Uninstall VS 2005
Although it will be released in February 2008 , MSDN subscribers will get in touch with VS 2008 RTM in this november/december. So you might be i uninstall all of the stuff that related in Visual studio. Ok let's get started 1. Uninstall All the add on (Like 3rd party component, VS... Read More...
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05 November 2007
Client Application Design Accessibility
Let me said you about something that you might agreed with me. "Usable applications are used applications, the key to a successful application is user adoption, if your user is excited about using your application, then adoption will increase, training time will decrease, and greater productivity... Read More...