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26 April 2008
WPF and Office Platform "Better Together" | TechReady 2008 Semarang
Yes, Semarang {Eiffel} I'm in Love This time , I'm speech about smooth integration between Windows Presentation Foundation in Office 2007 Platform. I started my speech with a brief introduction in Office Technology, create some outlook region by using VS 2008 and end up with some integration... Read More...
12 April 2008
Recommending best technology in user prespective
Take a look this presentation here http://micresearch.net/post/Recommending-The-Best-Technology.aspx ciao | Ridi Ferdiana Share this post: | | | | Read More...
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01 April 2008
Some Words About | Windows Mobile 6.1
As you see here Windows Mobile 6.1 is already shipped. If you have a device like MotoQ 9H , Tytn II, HTC Touch and Touch Dual, you eligible to get this update . In developer view Windows Mobile 6.1 is just like AKU (in Windows Mobile 5). AKU is just like service pack who gives you more quality and compatibility... Read More...
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