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30 May 2009
Geneva “The Story Begin” | Part One
Do you remember the story about “Card Space”, well if you did then you one of the people who know about how identity metasystem is used in information technology area. Thinking about the Identity metasystem is thinking about how to create digital identity as a claim for something (access/role/resources... Read More...
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15 May 2009
Guidance To Access Local Server (NAT IP Address) Through TS Access Gateway (Public IP Address)
The most used application to access remotely a server is Remote Desktop Connection (RDC). Using RDC you can access seemlessly a resource server through your fingertips. However the RDC can only accessed if you have a server with public IP address. So if you have a local server which doesn’t have public... Read More...
09 May 2009
Ajax Framework On The Go | Events
I this event i shared about 60 minutes of demo in Ajax technology implementation in .NET and reach more than 60 attandes Through ASP.NET 3.5, I present a key technique of Ajax such as Ajax “Pure” model using JSON VS Ajax Server Side using System.Web.Extension Three the most used scenarios in Ajax (Form... Read More...
03 May 2009
Windows 7 RC and Vista / 2008 SP2 is ready for MSDN/Technet Subscriber
For me this is huge updates. In 30 April Microsoft releases a lot of updated software. Two of the most downloaded since today is Windows 7 RC and SP2 for Vista or 2008. Regardless of who you are, you can also download recently updates from Microsoft Download site for Windows Update user you will feel... Read More...