July 2009 - Posts

15 July 2009
Let’s do a Pair | The Blend and The Visual Studio
OK..ok this happen in yesterday, as you know the SilverLight 3 is coming as RTW (Release To The Web) you can easily download the offline package here . There are a lot of improvement in developer and designer side, for instance have you feel the Blend 3 intellisense …whoa Since the UX is the most core... Read More...
14 July 2009
Geneva Framework “Rebirth” | Windows Identity Foundation
When i said about Geneva some of the people think that is one a great place in the world. Well that is a “code-named” product should be phase out and change the name into official one and Geneva Framework got new name called Windows Identity Foundation (W-I-F). WIF is one of the existing Geneva solution... Read More...
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