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16 March 2010
Integrating IE8 Web Slices into others Web Framework
Developing a web slices? cool we also do that… Have you ever install the web slices, the green icon is diplayed in the html markup BUT you get a notification like this… “ Error, this document is not support by the web slices” When this problems occurs you are using a base framework like Umbraco/CS/DNN... Read More...
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16 March 2010
Emulating site that browsed through IE8 to always run as IE7
Have you ever have a complicated designer..who don’t have idea to make his design compatible with IE8..? He already refix the CSS do the master pages recode but still don’t have idea to make it works in IE8 machine. Well the root problem might be the CSS :) do the CSS clean check here   If you already... Read More...
16 March 2010
The “Sand Box” of Windows Virtual PC
Are you developer who borns to learn :) ? if might know that develop/configure in Virtual PC is just can install everything without messing the host system, you can do the installation, learning a set tools, testing the betas, and product testing in clean system. Furthermore, you can... Read More...