April 2011 - Posts

15 April 2011
Cloud Power Road shows
My people talked about the cloud. As an air that crystallized in aboive the surface of the earth, a lot opportunity to learn here and see what the cloud all about and how coud paradigm changes the vision of the human computing. In Q4, the writer retrieve an opportunity to talk and to share about the... Read More...
09 April 2011
5 Habits in ASP.NET Memberships
Are you using the asp.net membership and profile?. If yes, this post will summarize the ‘common’ situation as a web developer who want to implement several scenarios that related with the membership and the profiles. In this post, it is called as 5 Habits. Habit No. 1 Get Current Logged User as easy... Read More...
01 April 2011
SQL Server 2008 R2 Backward Compatibility Workaround
If you get this error while you are restoring your database It’s a time  for you to upgrade your database server. The error shows that you backup your database from SQL Server 2008 R2 and restore it to legacy SQL Server 2008. There is no cool enough solution except upgrading your database server... Read More...