June 2011 - Posts

27 June 2011
Getting Started with Umbraco
Do you want to build your website using CMS or do you need to setup a robust website using CMS platform like Umbraco, well this downloadbel article will help you to setup the developer environment for Umbraco. This article is a first part of 7 series of getting started with Umbraco. You can download... Read More...
17 June 2011
Consumer Cloud Event in Academic Accelerator
What can I said, this is a great last FY11 event that held in MIC Yogyakarta. So Much Fun, So Much Interest, and So Much Question. Today, In 18 June 2011, MIC gokilz along with the academia learn how easy to use the cloud, and how easy to build their own web with WebMatrix. My Huge thanks for the entire... Read More...