July 2011 - Posts

15 July 2011
The Old Story of Umbraco Web Services
Two years ago, Umbraco team provides a good mechanishm for the developer to communicate their third application with the umbraco thorugh a web services. In this article we want to review the old Umbraco Web Services that exist in Umbraco 4.7.0 and how to use it in our application. So let’s get started... Read More...
14 July 2011
Getting Started Sample for Windows Phone 7
Anybody use Windows Phone 7 ?. Although the app hub is not supported for Indonesia, we can start develop our own application by using emulator. Windows Phone 7 has an unique approach in the development model rather than the others platform. When we type any keyword in MSDN or Technet you will find a... Read More...
08 July 2011
Cloud Testing Model
Having see a software, cloud is just another beast of software forms. actually we know the golden age of three screen is connected to the cloud. Therefore, we should have a mechanism to evaluate the software that not only work in on-premise but also works in the cloud. The question is “is the cloud testing... Read More...