The Old Story of Umbraco Web Services

Two years ago, Umbraco team provides a good mechanishm for the developer to communicate their third application with the umbraco thorugh a web services. In this article we want to review the old Umbraco Web Services that exist in Umbraco 4.7.0 and how to use it in our application. So let’s get started.

What We Need

Before you get started you should have:

  • Umbraco running in your local server or even in the internet.
  • Visual Studio 2010 express or better (I’m using the Ultmate version of VS)
  • Passion Smile

Getting Started

Starting your visual studio and create a windows application called UmbracoWSTest


Right click in the References and choose Add Services References


Click Advanced button in Services Reference Dialog


Click the add web reference button in Advanced dialog, This is done because the Umbraco Web Services using old ‘asmx’ web services


Input the url of Umbraco web services, The pattern is http://domainname/Umbraco/WebService.asmx


Give a good name like ‘MyUmbracoServices’ and it should be displayed like below


Exploring the API

Don’t find what you are looking for Not to worry Smile. Umbraco have a bunch web services that available to use. Feel free to browse the other web services at umbraco\webservices\. P.S. several web service is obsolote so please be patient Smile.


Actually there are no documentation yet about this feature so if you are in a hurry just create your own web services and put it in the webservices folder. Invoking the Umbraco API using WS give you an opportunity to make your web sites speak with the others system like others umbraco web site or others client




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