7 Non Tehnical Tips to build SilverLight and XNA Mobile apps

Building a good product hard, and marketing it into a marketplace is even harder. Yesterday, in an event calld SRITI Seminars we discuss how mobile client development in Indonesia can be survived. Acccording to five case studies that we learn from startup in Indonesia. we conclude seven non-technical recommendation for any freelance developer who wants build their solution in Windows Phone or others platfrom. Here there are

  • Choose the platform based on the consumer segment. Simple as said XNA for gaming, Silverlight for LOB
  • Build your software based on your competencies. Indonesian WP market is still available and less competitor so you can reach it Smile
  • staring with small team Smile. One developer and one designer is enough for the start-up
  • The long tail target. get benefit from nearly unlimited consumer (like common student, common business user, or parents)
  • Get a moment from vendor. Sometimes vendor form microsoft give you easy access to marketplace, so get it while free Smile
  • Starting by using free tools. Windows Phone Developer Tools is more than enough to generate your good software.
  • Submit your apps Now. Although is dull, ugly or not great enough, better now or tomorrow never come Smile


That’s it. you can download the material over here

P.S. if you have a good WP and want to submit your Apps into apps exchange, just contact me Smile for the shake local software innovation in Indonesia

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