Rich Internet Application on Yours DVD

Internet is everday life!, but we can’t expect the entire content come from internet and connection oriented. Several content should be convinient if we put it offline like in CD/DVD. For example when we talk about learning content that packaged in DVD, it is more demandable than located online. It’s faster, rich, but sometimes platform dependent and limited updatable content.

If you want to develop a portable application that run on your dvd, the answer should use the bowser capability Smile. Using HTML is the best way to develop and I’m sure that HTML 5 have such a capability. But how if we want to make the application doing these action such as:

  • Searching the content fast
  • Using embeddable database for better index
  • Proving the best UX just like the web.

If you want to do that, the RIA like SilverLight is a good alternative to build such a feature.

What we need to prepare.

  • Creating SilverLight Application that have a good portability. Out Of browser is a good way to start how to make it portable
  • Choosing Embedding database. Searching will good enough if we have indexes that stored in Database or Special Storage. For example you can use VistaDB for this need
  • Connecting between database and Silverlight OOB (example)
  • Creating HTA Launcher for your OOB (this one)

The evil is in the detail..we know the DVD/CD is read only (are you sure will use VistaDB?) or how to create an efficient way to search without using ActiveX or others?. These question are mistery and need further reasearch.



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