Are we really need a Light Client for Line Of Business Application

Light Switch is out there, it gives you a power to develop a line of business application event without code. The Light Switch is positioned for a team who want to build data driven application or in hurry to build application that can be run in Desktop or Web. Light Switch is cool enough to show customer a working prototype, just working software, or even a full data entry application. The data layer already defined, the screen can be generated. Is just like a new improvement of the former technology ASP.NET Dynamic Data Driven Application.

Light Switch makes me remember with the existence of XAF (eXpress App Framework). XAF is just like Light Switch, it has a good way to build quick application in modularity mind. This blog post make an effort to show you when you go to Light Switch and when you go to XAF

  XAF Light Switch
Focus Modularity Robustness
Approach Object Oriented Data Driven
Target Windows and web Windows and Web
backend Technology ASP.NET and Windows Form Silverlight
Investment Commercial Commercial
Good For Veteran Developer Practical Programmer


Frankly speaking, Both of them give you a good choice to build modular and robust application. If you are newbie just go to Light Switch, but if you are OO developer, XAF make you feel you are in the right direction Smile



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