SEO Friendly with Umbraco

Tonight, I received an email from my co-worker that we need to integrate the proposed web with SEO so that the site will be displayed in a page 1 in a  (Search engine optimization). Since we are using Umbraco as official platform of our any soultion in the web. We are searching how to improve SEO thorugh Umbraco Enginee.

The UMbraco Wiki shows simple practices to improve SEO, you can read the detail here

Thanksfully, my personal page web ( that built in 2010 has built in SEO keywords feature.


Looking back what I did in the previous day, I came to this page and see several good packages to implement SEO here. Doing so I’m barely sure that any web site that use umbraco can be optimized with SEO. when typing this post I am reading this book. Addinging metadat, following standard, and make sure your web clean and focused is the idea of the SEO on the web. so let me do a small experiment first and will report you sson.





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