LightSwitch Self Paced Learning Kit

In one of my speech in Techdays 2011, I am wondering If you are in hurry to learn about LightSwitch and want to get the LightSwitch right away. This article will cover several preperation steps to LigthSwitch right away. You can download the entire kit (without LightSwitch) here or you can click the link one by one in order to download the entire ontent


Step One. Downloading LightSwitch

I always encourage you to download the LightSwitch. The best experience is to install and test drive by yourself. You can download the files here. It is 90 day trial, but if you are MSDN/Technet/MSDNAA subcriber you can get it without any charge. If you are using VS2010 Pro or better the LightSwitch will become extension for you existing VS> However, if your PC doesn’t have VS2010, LightSwitch will install VS2010 LightSwitch edition.

Step Two. Downloading The Starterkit

Ramp up yout learning curve by downloading the Starterkit here. Starterkit is just like templates that can help you to learn the implementation of the LightSwitch. You can download the starter kit here

Step Three. Downloading The Extension

Rhe extension is plugin based that can be used to enrich the power of LightSwitch. If you are looking for control, direct business function, theme and skin. You can grab it here for free here.

Step Four. Following The Walkthrough

There are a lot of contents that realted with LighTSwitch including how to develop LightSwitch in intermediate and advanced topic. I always encourage you to download it here.

Step Five. Read The references

You can read several books that related with the LightSwitch and I recommend you to read this book. This book covers several thinks started from beginner guide until Lightswitch implementation in real world. You can download the digital version or buy thorugh amazon

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