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16 November 2011
How to submit your Windows Phone Application in App-Exchange
Are you Indonesian student?, are you have a working software in windows phone Application?, or just want to prove yourself that you brave enough to build real world app?. This guide will help you to submit your windows phone application in Asia marketplace using App-Exchange. Let’s get started! Step... Read More...
14 July 2011
Getting Started Sample for Windows Phone 7
Anybody use Windows Phone 7 ?. Although the app hub is not supported for Indonesia, we can start develop our own application by using emulator. Windows Phone 7 has an unique approach in the development model rather than the others platform. When we type any keyword in MSDN or Technet you will find a... Read More...
17 June 2011
Consumer Cloud Event in Academic Accelerator
What can I said, this is a great last FY11 event that held in MIC Yogyakarta. So Much Fun, So Much Interest, and So Much Question. Today, In 18 June 2011, MIC gokilz along with the academia learn how easy to use the cloud, and how easy to build their own web with WebMatrix. My Huge thanks for the entire... Read More...
25 May 2011
Mahasiswa dan Fanatisme TI
Pernah mendengar sekumpulan mahasiswa yang bersikap fanatis terhadap teknologi TI. Berawal dari suatu pilihan teknologi kemudian mereka membuat suatu perkumpulan dan perkumpulan itu bergeser suatu perkumpulan yang menarik dan akhirnya fanatik. Memang fanatisme TI tidak berlaku untuk semua organisasi... Read More...
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16 May 2011
is VSTO dead?
Many people talk about LightSwitch, SilverLight 5, or HTML 5. So how about the VSTO?. Fortunetaly VSTO model will grow as long as Office still exist. In Microsoft Innovation Roadtrip, i delivered several point why Office programming still valuable to give another benefits in organization productivity... Read More...
15 April 2011
Cloud Power Road shows
My people talked about the cloud. As an air that crystallized in aboive the surface of the earth, a lot opportunity to learn here and see what the cloud all about and how coud paradigm changes the vision of the human computing. In Q4, the writer retrieve an opportunity to talk and to share about the... Read More...
04 June 2010
Events Recaps | May 2010
Life in a fast lane !. In may 2010 we already done several activities at MIC, In May we reach more than 500 people including ISV, potential startup, student, and academic entities. This blog post will recaps all the community events such as follows.   Bizspark Camps Epiode One | Yogyakarta, 1-2... Read More...
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23 April 2010
The Restropective… The Research .. The passions
After two years as ACM (Accosiate Computing Machinery) professional member, in 20 April 2010. I got an honour to become one of the SIGSOFT member. SIGSOFT is special interest group in software engineering. Is just like shifting my paradigm from a “techno-marketing approach”  into “research-solution... Read More...
24 December 2009
Live@Edu Roadshow | UGM
In this session, i shared about what is Live@Edu how to implement it in academic, use the services, and how the innovate in the Live platform services Enjoy your holiday Share this post: | | | | Read More...
24 December 2009
ASP.NET | Back to The Past
Currently, there are three thinks that you should already knows about ASP.NET. The first one is MVC , The Second One is RIA (including AJax and SilverLight) , and the last thinks is Microsoft Web Pi. If you are an old newbie like me :) you always want to do some quick review for those three interesting... Read More...
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27 October 2009
Faculty Connection Summits 2009 | Let's Develop Blogengine!
As usual we at Microsoft Innovation Center did a yearly event for academic called FCS (Faculty Connection Summit). Although the events is now big as the last year (which visited by more than 120 participants). This year Faculty Connection summit shaped into a new form to share between academia with industry... Read More...
31 August 2009
Introducing Microsoft Client Platform | Events
Yesterday we have an opprtunity to meet more than 200 fresh studdents in UIN (formerly IAIN). Me and Ferro (MSP) talks side by side about the shape of newxt generation software, plus passionate them to learn Microsoft Client Platform Check the slide deck here You can see the picture Here Share this post... Read More...
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23 August 2009
Windows 7 Codepack API Events
In 070809 (7 August 2009) there are a two days events that focused in Windows 7. It's not about what news in Windows 7 but this event talk some stuff about how to develop application which use some special feature in Windows 7 which can be developed by using Windows 7 Codepack. you can download the... Read More...
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09 May 2009
Ajax Framework On The Go | Events
I this event i shared about 60 minutes of demo in Ajax technology implementation in .NET and reach more than 60 attandes Through ASP.NET 3.5, I present a key technique of Ajax such as Ajax “Pure” model using JSON VS Ajax Server Side using System.Web.Extension Three the most used scenarios in Ajax (Form... Read More...
23 April 2009
Windows 7 (Pre) Springboard Series Events | UII Yogyakarta
Yesterday we visited Universitas Islam Indonesia (Engineering Faculty), at Yogyakarta… cool atsmosphere around us. With my beloved partner from MUGI (Mr. Erick KUrniawan) and IT Pro Specialist from MIC UGM (Mr. Baskoro), we share about Windows 7 for the first time.. it’s about ~60 attendees.. and three... Read More...
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