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02 October 2011
Are we really need a Light Client for Line Of Business Application
Light Switch is out there, it gives you a power to develop a line of business application event without code. The Light Switch is positioned for a team who want to build data driven application or in hurry to build application that can be run in Desktop or Web. Light Switch is cool enough to show customer... Read More...
27 June 2011
Getting Started with Umbraco
Do you want to build your website using CMS or do you need to setup a robust website using CMS platform like Umbraco, well this downloadbel article will help you to setup the developer environment for Umbraco. This article is a first part of 7 series of getting started with Umbraco. You can download... Read More...
25 May 2011
Agile with Visual Studio? Why Not
Proses Agile menjasi hal yang cukup menjanjikan dalam pengembangan perangkat lunak. Agile sendiri adalah suatu proses rekayasa perangkat lunak yang menekankan dua hal yakni efesiensi pengembangan perangkat lunak yang diintegrasikan dengan model iteratif dan inkremental. Proses ini sudah menjadi soorotan... Read More...
01 April 2011
SQL Server 2008 R2 Backward Compatibility Workaround
If you get this error while you are restoring your database It’s a time  for you to upgrade your database server. The error shows that you backup your database from SQL Server 2008 R2 and restore it to legacy SQL Server 2008. There is no cool enough solution except upgrading your database server... Read More...
30 March 2011
Promoting Exchange Users to Become The Administrator
If you have the exchange server and want to give a respobsibility to the others. This post will describe you simple steps to do that. Login to OWA Select Options Menu Select Manage My Organizations Selects Roles and Auditing, there are several roles the powerfull one is organization management Double... Read More...
25 March 2011
Configuring Rocket SVN Server (A Free Alternative of TFS)
Need a simple ways to handle your codes in SVN? if you are having Visual Studio Premium or less, source control is needed for your team to work together on it. Yes, Microsoft have a good source control like TFS but you might need it for enterprise application during its investment to gain the TFS. This... Read More...
15 March 2011
5 ways to avoid VS2010 crash after applying the Service Pack 1
VS2010 is not new kid on the block anymore. Several people already download and install it. 1.4 GB patches will be great and healthy for Visual Studio. However, not all the PC will save from a “crash” nightmare especialy in ASP.NET design surface application. This post will describe how you avoid crash... Read More...
16 March 2010
The “Sand Box” of Windows Virtual PC
Are you developer who borns to learn :) ? if might know that develop/configure in Virtual PC is just can install everything without messing the host system, you can do the installation, learning a set tools, testing the betas, and product testing in clean system. Furthermore, you can... Read More...
01 January 2010
Windows Mobile | Back To The Past
The name is not Windows Mobile Again. but it is windows phone. Although many people believe that the Windows Phone is just like “old Windows Mobile”, there are a lot significant changes which is related with software performances, and user experience. Many of Windows Phone will have custom theme besides... Read More...
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01 October 2009
The Bad And The Good MSE
Well, through this blog Naren told me that MSE is already realesed. MSE is stands for Microsoft Security Essentials simply is said is a security suite that consist Anti Virus, Spyware, and Rootkit detection. In the former product MSE is live one care a commercial anti virus from Microsoft that now converted... Read More...
31 August 2009
Introducing Microsoft Client Platform | Events
Yesterday we have an opprtunity to meet more than 200 fresh studdents in UIN (formerly IAIN). Me and Ferro (MSP) talks side by side about the shape of newxt generation software, plus passionate them to learn Microsoft Client Platform Check the slide deck here You can see the picture Here Share this post... Read More...
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15 July 2009
Let’s do a Pair | The Blend and The Visual Studio
OK..ok this happen in yesterday, as you know the SilverLight 3 is coming as RTW (Release To The Web) you can easily download the offline package here . There are a lot of improvement in developer and designer side, for instance have you feel the Blend 3 intellisense …whoa Since the UX is the most core... Read More...
14 July 2009
Geneva Framework “Rebirth” | Windows Identity Foundation
When i said about Geneva some of the people think that is one a great place in the world. Well that is a “code-named” product should be phase out and change the name into official one and Geneva Framework got new name called Windows Identity Foundation (W-I-F). WIF is one of the existing Geneva solution... Read More...
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30 May 2009
Geneva “The Story Begin” | Part One
Do you remember the story about “Card Space”, well if you did then you one of the people who know about how identity metasystem is used in information technology area. Thinking about the Identity metasystem is thinking about how to create digital identity as a claim for something (access/role/resources... Read More...
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03 May 2009
Windows 7 RC and Vista / 2008 SP2 is ready for MSDN/Technet Subscriber
For me this is huge updates. In 30 April Microsoft releases a lot of updated software. Two of the most downloaded since today is Windows 7 RC and SP2 for Vista or 2008. Regardless of who you are, you can also download recently updates from Microsoft Download site for Windows Update user you will feel... Read More...
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