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08 August 2011
Exploring Umbraco API by using Visual Studio 2010
This Indonesia article, discuss the API in Umbraco CMS. Umbraco CMS is one of the CMS that exist in the Web PI. This downloadable article will guide you to. Exploring the Umbraco API using Visual Studio 2010 Object Browser Creating a web services that exposes the Umbraco API Integrating the web services... Read More...
15 July 2011
The Old Story of Umbraco Web Services
Two years ago, Umbraco team provides a good mechanishm for the developer to communicate their third application with the umbraco thorugh a web services. In this article we want to review the old Umbraco Web Services that exist in Umbraco 4.7.0 and how to use it in our application. So let’s get started... Read More...
27 June 2011
Getting Started with Umbraco
Do you want to build your website using CMS or do you need to setup a robust website using CMS platform like Umbraco, well this downloadbel article will help you to setup the developer environment for Umbraco. This article is a first part of 7 series of getting started with Umbraco. You can download... Read More...