Dr. Sehat Sutardja Public Lecture at University of Indonesia

I was mentioned about him long time back, finally he will come for a public lecture event at University of Indonesia.


Marvell is a world leader in the development of storage, communications, and consumer silicon solutions. Marvell's diverse product portfolio includes switching, transceiver, communications controller, wireless, and storage solutions that power the entire communications infrastructure including enterprise, metro, home, and storage networking. As used in this release, the term "Marvell" refers to Marvell Technology Group Ltd. and its subsidiaries. For more information, visit Marvell.com.


Cheers – Risman Adnan

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Darmawan Suandi as IT Pro Evangelist

I am delighted to announce the appointment of Darmawan Suandi to the position of IT Pro Evangelist at Microsoft Indonesia. Darmawan is joining Microsoft from Astra International where in the last one year he has worked as Application Integration Architect. Prior to Astra, he worked as technical leader at several Microsoft’s customer and partner, like Bank International Indonesia, PACOMNET and Bali Camp, since 1997.

Darmawan will be responsible for driving broad technical audience evangelism. He will focus to engage broad technical audience (IT PRO and Developer) and competitive influential open source audience like PHP and Java. Darmawan will work with technical influencers and user group communities, drive technology adoption and content creation in key channels like IT magazines, Technet, MSDN, INDC, WSS-ID and MUGI websites.

In Darmawan’s own words: “I am delighted to be given the opportunity to lead the technical audience in Indonesia at a very exciting time, and to be responsible for adoption of amazing portfolio of products on Cloud! I’m really looking forward to working across the segments on ensuring Microsoft platform commercial success, and on winning in the many competitive battles to comes. I have strong passion on exploring Microsoft’s technologies and correlate it to business success to make a sustainable IT ecosystem in Indonesia!”

I’m look forward to him bringing his strong business and technology experiences to technical audience here in Indonesia! Please warmly welcome Darmawan to this community and work together with him to make a better IT ecosystem in Indonesia!


Cheers – Risman Adnan

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ITPN–First Cloud Computing Technology Institute

Finally, after a very intensive planning, I proudly announce the first cloud computing focus technology institute in Indonesia. This is an important milestone to land cloud computing, especially on Microsoft platform. ITPN – Institute of Technology Purwadhika Nusantara – aims to produce next generation of software engineers who are ready on Microsoft cloud technologies, covering cloud computing for business, games, and mobile.

The core values of ITPN is belief, values and action. ITPN was created from a strong belief that we can produce qualified software engineers in Indonesia in area of cloud computing to serve local, regional and global market. With cloud as its identity, ITPN aims to drive back “scientific and engineering education culture” as its core values while keep encouraging students to be practical in designing and constructing next generation cloud applications (actions).

ITPN curriculum is designed with proper portion of Math, Comp. Science and Software engineering, and very well aligned with all Microsoft platform. All students are required to have MCPD (Microsoft Certified Professional Developer) before graduation and job placement is guaranteed from some selected partners in Microsoft partner and customer ecosystem. ITPN provides link and match to IT industry by involving the employers in certain phases. ITPN will collaborate with PrimagamaPlus to filter talented high school students across Indonesia and provide scholarship for top talents.


In the next 4 years, I expect to have a great pool of talented world class Microsoft certified engineers from ITPN who will build the next generation applications. ITPN’s curriculum perfectly fit to Microsoft technology stack, and I look forward to seeing great education quality up there - and also, I feel so privileged to be able to influence ITPN curriculum from the beginning.


Cheers – Risman Adnan

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Inviting you to IMULAI 3.0


In many years, I have seen how IT startups created without good business model. This is a very common issue as many of those startups founders are coming from very technical background and having lack of interests in business architecture. Some of them are survived anyway, but it takes 5-10 years to grasp that business architecture is critically important before running a startup. Nothing wrong actually by starting a company without a solid business model, but only few having their success in the first 10 years. Some are just collapsed.

Business architecture/model is not a myth. There are some approaches to define it, through mentoring process or self exploration for instance. In IMULAI 3.0, you will be challenged to present your business model. The top 15 winners will get:

- Mini MBA Enterpreneur
- Soft Skills training
- Attend the Venture Capital (VC) workshops
- VC Pitching Session
- Hardware and Software from sponsors

Get the detail here www.imulai.org and be the winner who will have pitching sessions with Venture Capital.

Cheers – Risman Adnan

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Azure November Update

Last month in PDC, Microsoft announced several new enhancements for Windows Azure that includes:

- Virtual Machine Role
- Elevated Privileges
- Full IIS Support
- Remote Desktop
- Windows Azure Connect
- Extra Small Instances
- New Windows Azure Management Portal based on Silverlight

Some of these features are generally available today, while others are staring to be rolled out as a beta or CTP. You can find more details in:
- Windows Azure Official Site
- Windows Azure Team Blogs
- Windows Azure Platform Training Kit (November Update)
- PDC 2010 Recorded sessions on Cloud Services

I wanted to extend this announcement for all of geeks here to accelerate the awareness and adoption of the Windows Azure platform in Indonesia. It is important to start building your Azure skillset and my team is looking forward to work with you if you are ready. Please feel free to contact us.

Windows Azure Platform Training Kit

The November release of the training kit includes several new hands-on labs for the new Windows Azure features and the new/updated services we just released a few weeks ago in PDC.  The updates in this training kit include:

· [New lab] Advanced Web and Worker Role – shows how to use admin mode and startup tasks

· [New lab] Connecting Apps With Windows Azure Connect – shows how to use Project Sydney

· [New lab] Virtual Machine Role – shows how to get started with VM Role by creating and deploying a VHD

· [New lab] Windows Azure CDN – simple introduction to the CDN

· [New lab] Introduction to the Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus Futures – shows how to use the new Service Bus features in the AppFabric labs environment

· [New lab] Building Windows Azure Apps with Caching Service – shows how to use the new Windows Azure AppFabric Caching service

· [New lab] Introduction to the AppFabric Access Control Service V2 – shows how to build a simple web application that supports multiple identity providers

· [Updated] Introduction to Windows Azure - updated to use the new Windows Azure platform Portal

· [Updated] Introduction to SQL Azure - updated to use the new Windows Azure platform Portal



Cheers - RAM

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Native Extensions for Microsoft Silverlight (NESL)

What is NESL ?

A set of libraries for Silverlight developers that allow them to access some really cool features of Windows 7 from their Silverlight applications through COM automation (wrapper classes).

  • Take advantage of sensors like accelerometers, light sensors, compasses, GPS etc.
  • Access content from connected portable devices like music players and digital cameras.
  • Capture and create video from webcams and screen output
  • Use speech recognition and text to speech capabilities.
  • Integrate with the Windows 7 taskbar (Jump Lists, Icon Overlays, Taskbar Progress etc.)
  • And more as long as COM object…

This is my favorite feature in Silverlight as it give access to many cool features in Windows 7, Sensor API, Speech API, Devices API, Taskbar Integration, Webcam local encoding, Window capture, Windows message interception. You can download and try sample apps that utilized those features and build your next gen SL apps.

What is available for download?

Standalone MSI installer for the native runtime
- Use to deploy NESL

Developer setup
- Source code for Silverlight wrapper libraries
- Source code for sample applications
- API Documentation
- MSI installer for native runtime

You can download NESL it here : http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/nesl 


Cheers – RAM.

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WebMatrix– Small Simple Seamless

To install WebMatrix, download WebPlatform Installer from http://www.microsoft.com/web and choose to add WebMatrix Beta 3. Current version of WPI 3.0 also looks nicer than before:


Simply, “easy to use IDE tool” for web developers who want to create sites using Open Source Applications like WordPress, Umbraco, Drupal, Orchard, DNN, etc. Or you can use WebMatrix to write your own codes based on templates provided with using HTML, CSS, ASP.NET Web Pages. WebMatrix has a template engine called Razor. With Designed to aid in the workflow of:

    -  Creating sites
    -  Configuring sites
    -  Publishing sites


It was very easy to install, very intuitive and seamless to use. Get more info about it from WebMatrix team blogs here.



Cheers – RAM.

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Windows Phone 7 + Azure Backend Developer Guide

This guidance can help you to create application where Windows Phone 7 is client frontend and Windows Azure as its backend services.

8156.image_65D0B44D      untitled

Content of this PnP guidance is well aligned with other Windows Azure guidance at http://msdn.microsoft.com/practices. Click here to download.



Cheers – Risman Adnan

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I’m Hiring Evangelist

I would like to announce that Narenda Wicaksono is leaving Microsoft Indonesia to pursue other interests. Naren had been with Microsoft Developer and Platform audience team for over three and half years looking after our technical community (online and offline) as a IT Pro Evangelist. His contribution in growing INDC, WSS-ID and MUGI communities have been greatly appreciated by Microsoft Indonesia team. I would like to wish him all the best in his next personal and professional journey and please join me to do so.

To continue what Naren done in Indonesia IT communities and to drive the next generation technologies adoption, I would like to invite applicants who has strong passion in technology and help others in community. Below is the complete job description of this role:

The Evangelist Job Description

This position is a technical role with the mission of engaging the broad community of Developers and IT Pro and driving excitement around Windows Infrastructure Platform and Services, Microsoft Developer Tools and Platform technologies. As an Evangelist you will have the opportunity to reach, prepare and inspire technical audiences to successfully discover, understand, deploy and operate the core and unique technologies within the Windows Infrastructure Platform and Services. This role requires a highly skilled profile able to promote new IT technologies and enjoy presenting to any size of audiences, actively connecting with the online community by blogging, micro blogging, actively using social networks to scale reach and share technical content as well as marketing offers of on premise and cloud services infrastructure technologies. The ability to work remotely and frequent travel is often required. Additional competencies include self-management, strengthening team communications. You must be able to easily navigate cross group teams in areas covering content development, Microsoft Events, community programs, and marketing offerings as well.

Required skills include:

• Excellent presentation skills to large, demanding technical audiences
• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• A blend of passion, optimism, customer advocacy, curiosity and creativity
• Demonstrated track-record of IT Pro and developer community involvement (MVP is very much welcome)
• Preferred qualifications include Computer Science/Engineering or related degree, 8+ years of hands-on developer experience
• Demonstrated hands-on software development experience with current and emerging
   -  Web Technologies is required (Silverlight, ASP.NET and WCF)
   -  Development Tools – .NET Framework and Visual Studio
   -  Application Platform – SQL Server, BizTalk Server and Sharepoint

• Experience using non-Microsoft technologies (PHP, Flex/Flash, Linux, Eclipse, Java, Ruby a HUGE plus
• Experience with or knowledge of future Microsoft developer technologies like Windows Azure, SQL Azure and AppFabric a plus
• Microsoft certifications (MCSD, MCT, MCSE, etc.) a plus

If you are a geek and have strong interest for this job, please send you CV to me at rismana@microsoft.com. Looking forward to meet you!.

Cheers – Risman Adnan


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Parallel Programming with .NET

Introduces frequently used patterns of parallel programming, and gives executable code samples for them using the Task Parallel Library (TPL) and Parallel LINQ (PLINQ). Read it online from MSDN:


You will need .NET 4 and at least Visual Studio 2010 Professional to run the samples codes. However, you will need Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate to use some the parallel diagnostic tools such as the Concurrency Visualizer.


Enjoy - RAM

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Beauty of the web

Try new browsing experience with IE9 Beta!. It is now available at http://www.beautyoftheweb.com.


Developers, get start here. It’s damn impressive!!.

Cheers  - RAM

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RCTI Indonesian Idol Site – with Silverlight

I’m happy to announce today that we released a new feature on RCTI Indonesian Idol site. Thousand pictures was collected from spectacular 1-7 and Nicolas Sildeyna (our Silverlight designer) helped to provide very nice new gallery experience with Deep Zoom composer.

clip_image002 clip_image001

Please help us to spread the word about this gallery to other online communities, FB, TT, and Kaskus.

Cheers – Risman Adnan

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What Next…..

I have worked around SEA countries in the last two years. And I’m happy to tell you now that I will fully back to Indonesia market starting July 2010. I have made this decision after exploring what I really enjoy in my career. This is the 2nd big decisions I have made, the first one was my decision to leave my semiconductor physics LAB in the university (2000) and the 2nd is about a change from geeky technologist to corporate management (2010). I always like to make things happen – from idea to realization – and I do enjoy the creation process. And this new role will give more flexibilities (time and space) to focus on driving bigger thing through Microsoft Indonesia.

My next key focus is to re-shape Indonesia local software ecosystem and land Azure cloud computing wave in Indonesia. This is not something I can do alone, or Microsoft can do alone. We will need help from you guys, each developer, IT Pro and student who spend time to write codes. Despite with all the challenges we have in the country – I do believe many things can be happen from Indonesia. Innovation has no limit and from ~2 hundreds million people in Indonesia, we have big chances to put our name in software/cloud industry as long as we want!. It can come from one, two, three, lines of codes that you are writing now!.

Look back on the history – we started INDC in 2002 from three person, eight person, eight hundreds, …….. and now we have 40,863 people per today!. That is not happen without you, developers who have passion to gain and share knowledge. And by this post - I would like to thank each one of you who keep writing blogs, sharing codes, sharing tips and trick, helping others to solve problem in mailing list, …… you guys are the soul of INDC, who will change IT community culture in Indonesia to be based on knowledge!

But, what next for developers? That question always wake me up in the morning and push me to think deeper in the night. Here are three things I can share with you today, that we will work to make these three things happen:

- Software Entrepreneurship. iMulai 3.0 will come and bring venture capitals to Indonesia!.
- Presence on Web and Cloud. Landing Azure (as we landed .NET 1.0) and sparking the web with local Apps!.
- Scale the knowledge based communities.  Scale INDC, WSS-ID and Student Portals by 3x to help more people in Indonesia!


Thanks - RAM

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Invitation to Random Hacks of Kindness

Microsoft and The World Bank are unlikely partners in a progressive initiative called Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) with the mission to mobilize a global community of technologists to solve real-world problems through technology.  RHoK collaborates with subject matter experts to define problems and then sets loose the best and brightest hackers to solve them over the course of a single weekend.  RHoK’s second Hackathon will be international in scope and take place the weekend of June 4 through 6 in Washington D.C. with simultaneous events in Nairobi, Sydney, Jakarta and Sao Paolo. 

Collaborating with subject matter experts in disaster response and humanitarian relief, RHoK will engage volunteer software engineers from around the world in a marathon weekend event of competitive coding to develop software solutions to problems posed by subject matter experts. RHoK’s first Hackathon was held in November 2009 in Mountain View, California, and resulted in software solutions that were later implemented in Haiti and Chile following the devastating earthquakes there in early 2010. Actually - we have started this earlier - with the Indonesian and Chile earth quake sites that have been developed at MIC University of Indonesia. With this post - I'm excited to extend this invitation to all geeks here to attend and participate in RHoK.

Hackers Save the World
Sound interesting, right?  Here’s how you can become a part of it: Attend the Random Hacks of Kindness (www.rhok.org) Hackathon and develop software that saves lives, alleviates suffering and helps communities to recover after natural disasters strike.  

The Back Story
We will start with problem definitions, created in collaboration with the Crisis Commons through consultations with NGOs, governments and experts in the field from around the world, then we invite hackers to a come together to organize and go to work putting their skills to use to solve those problems with software solutions that make a difference on the ground.  At a RHoK hackathon, new technologies are born, existing platforms are built upon, and innovative new ideas attract attention and support.  At the close of the hackathon, teams present the technologies they have developed and prizes are awarded.   

The Details
The next Random Hacks of Kindness Hackathon is happening in five locations around the world on June 5th and 6th, including right here in Jakarta at the University of Indonesia, IASTH Building 1st Fl, Salemba Campus.Jl. Salemba 4, Jakarta. Join in two days of intensive hacking with hackers from Washington D.C., Sao Paolo, Nairobi and Sydney.    Check out the full agenda for Jakarta or learn more about the global RHoK hackathon locations right here 

Why Do This?  ·     
Save the world: You have the skills to make a difference.  Hacks developed at the last RHoK hackathon were used on the ground in Haiti and Chile following the devastating earthquakes there in early 2010.  The world needs these solutions.
  • Exposure: Got a new product, idea or technology to share with the hacker community?  Put it to work at the hackathon.
  • Assistance: Extend the function and applicability of your existing products or software through global crowdsourced development.
  • Input: Get real-time feedback from Subject Matter Experts in software and disaster risk.
Sounds great!  How do I sign up?  Sign up on our registration page.  We’ll see you there!   If you are interested in assisting with the organization at one of the global hackathon locations, please contact thea.clay@secondmuse.com.  

Cheers – RAM

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TFS Anywhere

Microsoft Visual Studio Team Explorer Everywhere 2010, the Eclipse plug-in and cross-platform command-line client for Visual Studio 2010 Team Foundation Server. You can download the 90 day evaluation of the product here. Once you installed in your Eclipse, you can use TFS version control for Java and PHP.



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