SSCLI 2.0 with VC++ 2008 on Vista

I tried to compile SSCLI 2.0 with VC++ 2008 on Vista, and again, too many error messages, due to :

- Change of Windows Vista SDK include path and directory name
- SUBSYSTEM_WINVER = ,4.00 and SUBSYSTEM_CONVER = ,4.00 changed to ,5.00
- Incompatible warning level = -Wp64 (I am using 32 bit)
- Change of compiler (_MSC_VER ==1500) & runtime versions (_MSVCRT MSVCR90)

Basically you can do find and replace through all SSCLI source codes, but I strongly suggest you to follow Jeremy Kuhne manual steps. Once you done, just run env.bat and then buildall again. He also gives useful tips regarding the MSBUILD and VS Template for SSCLI.

Enjoy learning CLR through SSCLI Codes!

Ciao - RAM

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Published Wednesday, July 16, 2008 3:00 PM by Risman Adnan Mattotorang


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