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I’ll be speaking about Domain Driven Approach with EF4 at TechEd 2010


I’ve just noticed that the session details is already up on the TechEd Middle east website.


I have to tell you that this is really exciting to be a part of the first Tech Ed in the middle east region. When you have a brand like Jumeirah, the umbrella company of the 7 star hotel, sponsoring the event, you know that you’re talking major business!

My talk (DEV303 – I’ll see you there!) will be talking about introducing Entity Framework 4 and Domain Driven approach. I’m expecting that most of the audience will be familiar with data access patterns, and new to Domain Driven Design.

We’ll look at the evolution of design from Rapid Application Development, Transaction Scripts to Domain Modelling with OR/M. Anton Delsink will introduce the concept using Linq to SQL, and will take it to the finish line using the upcoming Entity Framework 4.


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