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A practical "polymorphism" example by Wely

In my last post, I described what interface and abstract class are, how to create and use them. But, the question is “Why do we need to use interface or abstract class?”, “Is it useful?”, “What if we don’t use them...
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Interface VS Abstract Class by Wely

There are a lot of confusions, misconception, and misuses about Interface and Abstract Class. Actually the objectives of them are doing polymorphism. Interface Interface is a type perspective like class or structure. You cannot instantiate an object from...
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XHTML : well-formed HTML by Wely

XHTML: well-formed HTML Before we explore about XHTML, we have to understand what HTML is first. This article assumes that the reader are familiar with HTML. Now, let’s begin dig in what the XHTML is! What is XHTML? XHTML stands for eXtensible Hypertext...
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