Yesterday | MSDN Day ALM with VSTS 2008

Seperti yang tertera pada undangan beberapa waktu yang lalu. Kemarin tanggal 28 Oktober 2008, kita mengadakan MSDN Day dengan topik "Application Lifecycle Management with VSTS 2008". Jumlah peserta yang hadir ada 94 orang.

Dengan ini saya mencoba untuk merekap dan memberikan beberapa foto pada event tersebut.

Here they are:


The registration




Looks, the enthusiastic audiences.



Dominique Powell, from Microsoft APAC gave some intro.



The first session was brought by Norman Sasono (Architect and Developer Advisor, Microsoft Indonesia), talking about the Introduction of VSTS and TFS.



Dondy Bappedyanto, Solution Architect MVP fill the second session. He talked about Application Lifecycle Management.



Jimmy Chandra, the Certified Scrum Master came up with "Scrum Agile Software Development"


An interesting exercise from Jimmy showed that Self Management can work too! Why do we need manager then? Wink



Our new ASP.NET MVP, Ahmad Masykur illustrated how the "Continuous Integration in VSTS" really help us in Software Development.



After lunch, Mr Satria, ISV Partner Account Manager introduced IMULAI 2.0 competition. Be sure to join this interesting competition Smile.


The before lunch session were mostly about theory and conceptual stuff. The after lunch sessions drilled down VSTS from each role's perspective.


Mr Doddy Christiana Saputra, drilled the VSTS from Architect Perspective. How an architect take advantage of VSTS Architect Edition.



Next, Winnie the Fu, ops.. I meant Fuady Rosma Hidayat, DTS Microsoft Indonesia talked from Database Designer Perspective. For your information, VSTS for Database Designer is new stuff in VSTS 2008.


IMG_1762 IMG_1763

I myself talk about Developers Perspective. I showed more demos (Unit Test, Code Coverage, Code Analysis, Code Metrics, and Profiling) rather than slides.



The last session was covered by Mr Jabat Erat, ops... Narenda Wicaksono regarding Tester Perspective in VSTS.


The event was planned to end at 16.15, but the spirit of speakers and also audiences drove it till 18.00 o'clock Smile.

You can download my presentation and demo code here. I'll try follow up others speakers' slide and put it here as well.

Thanks to all speakers, all audience, organizers, our team, and everyone that made the event successfully held.

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Published Wednesday, October 29, 2008 1:51 PM by Wely
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# re: Yesterday | MSDN Day ALM with VSTS 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 2:28 PM by si_hendrik

wah congrats yah buat acaranya. sorry gak bisa dateng, lagi ada tamu dari negeri jiran.

# re: Yesterday | MSDN Day ALM with VSTS 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 7:56 PM by Risman Adnan

Very good event Welly!. I missed it :)

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