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Parallel Extension in .NET 4.0 (Part 4 – Debugging Support from IDE) by Wely

What we have cover so far? So far in the Parallel Extension series, I’ve talked about: Introduction and Motivation of Parallel Extension The Task Parallel Library in Parallel Extension PLINQ (Parallel version of LINQ) Introduction In this post, I’ll discuss...

Parallel Extension in .NET 4.0 (Part 3 – PLINQ) by Wely

I am very delighted as Visual Studio 2010 has finally released on last 12 April 2010. Now let me continue my Parallel Extension blogs series, but this time in release version of Visual Studio . Introduction In the first post of this series , I illustrated...

VSTS Tester Edition Demo at NTU by Wely

Again, Professor Schubert Foo invited me to deliver a demo session in Software Testing and Performance Analysis Course at NTU . The objective of this demo was to give students practical and industrial example, since the lecture only covers theoretical...

2nd Year MVP Award | Visual C# by Wely

Yesterday was April Fool, however the email that I received was not a hoax, it’s true . Dear Wely Lau, Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2010 Microsoft® MVP Award! This award is given to exceptional technical community leaders who...
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