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"var" Keyword, Extension Method, Lambda Expression, and LINQ by Wely

Post ini saya pindahkan dari jawaban saya di milis berikut skenario nya. Let's start. Keyword “var” yang biasa dipake di Local Variable Type Inference / Implicitly Type Local Variables adalah sebuah keyword...
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Query and Join Certain Columns in Excel using LINQ by Wely

This post is actually related on my work The problem Suppose that I have two tables in excel file like this. I want to have particular records as the result of intersection between those two tables. For illustration, see the Venn Diagram below! Yeah,...
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The evolution of Delegate, Anonymous Method, Lambda Expression by Wely

In this opportunity, I am going to write something about the evolution of Delegate, Anonymous Method, till Lambda Expression. Here's I will use a build in delegate, Predicate<T> to give the example. My example is simple. There's a collection...
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A lot of # (Sharp) by Wely

While reading C# at Wikipedia , di bawahnya ada External link, ada box .NET Framework (Microsoft). Dalam box itu ada beberapa reference ke link seputar technology Microsoft dikategorikan masing-masing. Saya perhatikan...
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Have you use Generic’s collection? by Wely

We often need collection in our programming. To implement collection, we have two choices: fixed-length collection which is familiarly "array" and dynamic length collection. One of the popular dynamic collections is ArrayList. ArrayList (actually...
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A practical "polymorphism" example by Wely

In my last post, I described what interface and abstract class are, how to create and use them. But, the question is “Why do we need to use interface or abstract class?”, “Is it useful?”, “What if we don’t use them...
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Interface VS Abstract Class by Wely

There are a lot of confusions, misconception, and misuses about Interface and Abstract Class. Actually the objectives of them are doing polymorphism. Interface Interface is a type perspective like class or structure. You cannot instantiate an object from...
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