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Hope for Indonesia as a Software Giant by zeddy

One good thing of being in Microsoft is to meet great & smart people. No matter if it's technical training or marketing training, it always amazes me how smart the person next to me was. So recently I was in Singapore for this thing called MACH* ...
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An example of using yield return by zeddy

Dalam C++ dengan menggunakan STL, saya dapat mengecek apakah sebuah kata palindrome atau tidak dengan kode simpel berikut: bool IsPalindrome( const string& s) { return equal(s.begin(), s.end(), s.rbegin()); } Btw, palindrome adalah kata yang dibaca...
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4 Computer Science Tips by zeddy

Enjoy my new articles: Why Computer Scientists count from 0 Use Loop Invariant to Help You Debug Sequential access and NOT random access? Use iterator, NOT index! Get used to Writing Generic Functions! Cheers, Z. Share this post: | | | |
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ASP.Net Hosting is Cheap! by zeddy

Setelah tour ke beberapa kampus, timbul pertanyaan klasik “ASP.Net is great, but Windows Hosting is just expensive”. Hmm, this can't be right... why would Microsoft create the lovely ASP.Net if hosting it would be expensive. You should visit...
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