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Our Multi-Touch Demo Teaser for Win7 Launch by zeddy

Drum Roll please… for the non-believers, well, this is our video showing our Do-It-Yourself Cheap-Mode Microsoft Surface Table powered by Windows 7 and Lenovo T400 notebook. Visit our booth No. 2B at Jakarta Convention Center today from 09.00 – 13.00...

Facebook & Twitter on Xbox Live by zeddy

Xbox Live is becoming more and more of a platform… And you think Xbox is only for games? With a modified .NET Compact Framework, Update-able OS, and 17 million users, it sure looks like something good to target for us ISVs.   Here’s a nice feature...
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How NHProf & LINQ Saved My Day by zeddy

Recently Armanovers were asked to migrate a module from Oracle Forms Builder to an ASP.NET + AJAX web app for PoC (Proof-of-Concepts) purposes. Because of the short timeframe (5 days), we decided to use Castle ActiveRecord for the Data Access Layer. Turns...
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Every Startup starts from a Garage and a Dream… by zeddy

Well, not every one, some lucky ones will find great funding through angel investors and/or venture capitalists, but for the average Joe like me, it’s own funding :) Even Guy Kawasaki ’s venture capital firm is called Garage Ventures (see http://www.garage...
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