How to Unlock WP7 for VS2010 Deployment

In order for us to be able to right-click deploy to our Windows Phone 7 device, we need to unlock the device first.

Unfortunately, unlocking device means registering it in the AppHub. Well, iPhone Developer Program’s doing the same…the difference is that AppHub Developer Program is only available in certain countries.

Anyway, here’s how to unlock our Windows Phone 7 device for development:


1. Open up Zune desktop and make sure it detects your WP7



2. Goto Start | Windows Phone Developer Tools | Windows Phone Developer Registration



3. Enter your AppHub LiveID and sign-in to Unlock. Once Unlock is successful you will see this message:

Your phone has successfully been registered.



4. Goto AppHub and Verify that your phone is ready for development:

Goto menu My Dashboard | Windows Phone


Click the link Manage your Development Phones


Check if your WP7’s device name is there



Did you see the bottom line? It says maximum 3 developer device! Bummer…

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Published Tuesday, January 25, 2011 11:01 PM by zeddy


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