WP7: People Hub & “Get in, Get out” concept

What I like about Windows Phone 7 is the integration of Facebook into Contacts. In fact, it’s one of the first things WP7 ask after you turn on the phone for the first time:


Let’s face it, the people in your contacts are the most you want to hear about. Among 1,000 Facebook friends you have, only a few will dwell in your mobile phone’s contacts. If I want to know what my CEO is doing, I could call him or send him sms:


Hey, did you see that? I could also read hist latest Facebook status and even write on his wall should I want to broadcast something to him & my Facebook friends.

But wait, the real kicker is if say you know he’s spending company money on business trip; and you’re interested whether he is really on a business trip or is he just going for food/culinary adventure:


Ok, now I’m convinced that he really was at a Nokia QT Workshop, or else he wouldn’t have been excited about it and updated his status :)


Get in, Get out

Now compare this with official Facebook app for Windows Phone 7:


I have to scroll top-to-bottom and filter what I want to read while scrolling. With almost 500 Facebook friends, I don’t have the time. Usually I do this on weekend while waiting for lunch or waiting for wifey bargaining with shopkeepers, just to keep myself busy and not dying of boredom.

So there you go, when you design apps for Windows Phone 7, make sure people can “Get in”-to the info they need/want, and “Get out” to switch to previous context they were on.
With the People app, I could get-in to see my friend’s Facebook status, and when I click back I’m out of Facebook status context and back into Contact context where I can call or sms him/her.

Do not create WP7 app that behaves like the desktop version. There is not much screen estate + every link has to be big & clickable with thumb + limited bandwidth. So be creative people :)

Oh btw, if WP7 cannot automatically link Facebook friends with Contacts, you can manually do so with the Link button in the middle of Contact Application Bar:


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Published Tuesday, February 8, 2011 7:07 PM by zeddy
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