How to Trick your Windows Phone to get NoDo (March 2011) Update

This is…I don’t know what to say cos it’s just sad.

I don’t think we have to “trick” our Window Phone just to get an update, but here goes.

It started with a Microsoft blog announcing that the Copy-and-Paste update is released.

Then everyone started to use their Check Update on Windows Phone or on Zune Software to get the update.

Result? I think only 1% of Windows Phone population got the update.

The rest? Well they were frustrated and started writing comments on not getting the update. As of now, 3rd April 2011, there are 589 comments on that Copy-Paste blog post.

So then Microsoft released an update post, Which Country and Operator can Get the Copy-Paste Update

But it’s not enough for us Windows Phone Developers, I’m sure there are some WP7 devs like me:

I bought a Samsung Omnia 7 from Europe, which means it is operator-unlocked (SIM-free) and I am now staying in X location (for me Dubai, UAE). Why did I not get the Copy-Paste update?

The reason: I think Microsoft is doing some sort of checking for a flag that says “Yes, operator for this Windows Phone is in the DELIVER list”.

Ok, enough with the theory, let’s get to the practice of how to force your Windows Phone to get the Copy-Paste update:

  1. Go to Settings | Phone Update | Uncheck all checkboxes.
  2. Go to Settings | Wi-Fi | Turn Off.
  3. Go to Settings | Cellular | Data Connection, Turn Off.
  4. Connect your Windows Phone to laptop’s USB.
  5. Start Zune, wait until your top-right avatar has appeared as below image:
  6. Go to the Phone Tab in Zune | View Sync Options | Click Update link.
  7. Look at your laptop’s WiFi light indicator. Once your laptop’s WiFi indicator stops blinking, Disconnect your WiFi. For me I use the Disconnect button from Windows 7 tray icon, but I’m sure you can slide the hardware WiFi button too to turn it off.
    If you don’t have WiFi, i.e. you’re connected to Ethernet, then you have to use trial-and-error to guess after how many seconds should you shut down your Internet connection. You can try 3, 5, 8, 10, 13, 15 seconds.
  8. Guess what, after you disconnect your WiFi, Zune will say that an Update was found!
  9. Now click Update, and verify that it is indeed the Copy-Paste March 2011 update:
  10. Before you click Start Update, turn your WiFi/Internet back on.
  11. Zune will update your Update, and from below screenshot, you will see that my Samsung Omnia 7 is not bricked:
  12. To prevent your phone from getting bricked:
    - make sure during Update download, you turn off your other downloads (movies, youtube, etc.) This is to prevent the download from getting corrupted.
    - make sure you have enough space in your C: . This is because the download is stored in your Local Temporary folder. Another is because Zune does a backup to Temp folder before doing Update. Rule of thumb is always have 4GB Free space on your C:


Now my Assassin’s Creed, Rise of Glory, The Harvest, and Twin Blades games are starting up faster.

And the most important thing is now I can copy-paste text or URLs to share on the Twitter app.

So why did we have to Disconnect our WiFi after clicking the Update button? Well my theory is:

  • Zune software checks for an update in the First Pass.
  • Zune software checks whether this update is applicable for this phone (is the phone operator in the “Deliver Update Now” list) in the Second Pass. This is why you have to turn off your WiFi/Internet. Zune assumes in this second pass that if server cannot be contacted, you must be eligible for the update, hence show the Update dialog.

So if there is a Zune update after this, don’t update your Zune cos the developer may change the default state to “Don’t show Update dialog if servers cannot be contacted” Smile

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