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First iRobot Demo Video by zeddy

The interface for iRobot is very vintage... due to the lack of LCD or any display screen, when you press the buttons, you must listen to its Morse code (yes the Robot actually beeps long and short tones). Anyway, here's the first demo video of iRobot...
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Back to Machine Language Programming by zeddy

Not really 1010 binary... though close enough. Here's the screenshot of the iRobot Create manual: Share this post: | | | |
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iRobot Create Package Opening by zeddy

Wohoo! Today I received a package from DPE Academic, Redmond Team containing the iRobot Create -- The programmable robot from the maker of Roomba, the vacuum-cleaning robot. Chek their website here: Here are the photos of the iRobot...
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The Code for Controlling Robot using Wiimote & MS Robotics Studio by zeddy

There's a request from the Microsoft Robotics Studio Team to post my code for controlling the robot using Microsoft Robotics Studio (MSRS), Lego Mindstorms NXT, and Bluetooth. Here are the steps: 1. Buy a Nintendo Wii gamepad (Wiimote) if you don't...
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Controlling Robot using Nintendo Wii Gamepad (move it with your body) by zeddy

Ah, finally I managed to get my Nintendo Wii Gamepad to talk to my USB Bluetooth. Once it's connected to my laptop, the baby's input is theoretically readable for any Windows applications. Thus, I tested it with Microsoft Robotics Studio so that...
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I'm On10-ed! by zeddy

Paul Foster blogged about my Vista Robot here: Also check out his Robot A1-DW here: It's a bigger Robot than mine, and it looks promising to be a "floor-sweeper"...
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Using Vista's Speech to Control Robot by zeddy

So this is going to be my Demo at the Developer Track of Vista General Public Launch : Using Vista's Speech Recognition to Control Robot's Movements and Vista's Speech Synthesis to Program a Calculator. What that means is now I can say, "Tommy...

Konro-Bot untuk KRCI 2007 by zeddy

Inilah Konro-Bot, robot yg akan saya ikut sertakan di Kontes Robot Cerdas Indonesia 2007 Expert Division . Ini tampilan tanpa Water Sprayer: Ini tampilan Water Sprayer-nya [Designed by Narenda ] Ini video Phase-2 kita yg kita kirim ke DIKTI untuk membuktikan...
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How High can your Robot Climb? by zeddy

I have a new robot, built on the Traxster chassis. The instruction says to use "PlastiDip" ( ) to get traction for the wheels, but that kind of product obviously is not available in Indonesia. But...
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NXT Firefighting Robot by zeddy

I finally finished building and coding my NXT Firefighting Robot. It's far from perfect, because in Kontes Robot Cerdas Indonesia 2007 Expert Division , there is no white line to specify that we are near the candle. Video: Watch the YouTube Video...
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Object Tracking dgn Robot NXT by zeddy

Dalam video ini, kita akan membuat robot si-NGINTIP (nama yg diberikan oleh Pak Risman) untuk mengikuti bola biru. Jika bola biru digeser ke kiri, robot akan meng-adjust arahnya agar tetap memandang si bola biru. Jadi si-NGINTIP akan mengikuti bola biru...
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Bikin Robot Keluar dari Kamar [Wall-Follow Algorithm] by zeddy

Gimana bikin sebuah robot keluar dari sebuah maze? Gw dan Umar (Microsoft Student Ambassador - STT Telkom Bandung) tadi malem baru bikin robot yang bisa keluar dari pintu kamar dan masuk pintu kamar lain. Untuk testing pertama, kita pake algoritma yang...
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