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Date Added: 03-11-2009
AjaxControlToolkit-ScriptFilesOnly.zip contains script files, CSS style sheets and pictures used by the toolkit. Use this download if you don't want to use embedded resources and prefer a file-based model. This can be installed on a web site by unzipping the archive into a folder on the web site. You can then point ScriptManager's ScriptPath to that folder (this requires the presence of the Microsoft Ajax Library in the same folder) and the Toolkit will then work the same way as before without having to change anything else in the page (warning: some controls may still make use of web resources even after that). Another way of using these files is without ScriptManager at all (one scenario for this is ASP.NET MVC). You are then responsible for including to your page the necessary script dependencies and point the components to the style sheets and image files by setting the relevant properties. We will provide more documentation going forward on client-side only use of the Ajax Control Toolkit, this is only the first step in enabling that.


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