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Is that correct

Last post 06-28-2010 9:05 by Eko Indriyawan. 3 replies.
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  • 12-15-2009 17:09

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    Is that correct

     Technology is getting the highest place in the world .It has made our life so easy that we can do anything with the help of it.People are crazy and day by day the are becoming addicted to it.

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  • 12-19-2009 19:43 In reply to

    Re: Is that correct

    i agree with you^^
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    Re: Is that correct

     I agree with you too ^^

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    Re: Is that correct

    That is true that Technology can made our life so easy, but this statement is not always correct. We have to use point of view to describe the advantages and dis-advantages of Technology. Generally, Technology always help us to make us more faster in working. By implementing it, the company also can run more productive. I always leverages the latest of technology in my company, but in another hand, Technology also can hurt us. Why? For an example, I'm a singer. Many of people didn't buy my CD's, by downloading from the internet, they can get my song easily and faster without going to the CD Store.

    So, Any technology always come with two sides, that are advantages and dis-advantages.

    I'm a developer, based on my experience in my business, Technology was provided me many advantages than dis-advantages

    So, from this point, we have to use point of view to see this issue.


    Eko Indriyawan
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